I don't know if you are an animal lover at all but do you mean to tell me if you see a puppy you don't want to run up to it and just hold it for hours? If not, I'm sorry, because that sucks.

I am a major animal lover... Not too fond of cats but I would tolerate one... Maybe... I have had animals all my life, they are honestly great listeners, not only because they have no choice and can't tell you to shut up, but when you care about them, they care about you too!

In my family, the title "Pet" never really fit for any of my dogs or even for the horses. They are more like family in my book. Especially if I lose one, it's no different from a human dying to me. I remember when I was younger I cried for months when I lost my dog... I think my mom actually had to yell at me. "Tay, you need to stop crying. I know it hurts, but like stop, you're becoming dehydrated now." I was running out of tears but also not really - I don't think that is possible.

Reality right here, though: if you get where I'm coming from, I'm sure you have a few pets in your house that expand your family a bit. They are great to have and if you don't, I definitely approve if you wanna go get a puppy after reading this. But, hit me up also because I Love puppies!

Seriously, though, if you have ever been sad, which don't lie to yourself - you know you cry sometimes before you fall asleep. Who doesn't, we all have sucky lives at points. When you're just sitting in bed crying about a bad day, or just how shitty people can be in general, *squeak* there the door is peeking open. First, you see a nose, then this furry thing coming at you jumping on your bed, with the biggest smile, tongue out, just here to say "HI."

Dogs are always so happy, like you could yell at them and they will just keep barking. Like "Yayyyy were barking together." That's probably what they think is happening anyway, then they give you those sad eyes... Gets me every time. They are just so energetic and are always there for you when humans aren't. It's great to have a companion like that. I mean, when you think about it, they were most likely here before us, so when we arrived, we became best friends - using each other to survive basically.

Wherever there is a human footprint there is a paw print alongside and what's wrong with that? Although others may not always love you, our animals will. When we wake up and look like a tornado happened on our head or when we have food on our face, they will just come and lick it off. They make you laugh 24/7 but will also keep you worrying and thinking about them every time you're not together.

Appreciate your animal family just as much as your humans. because sometimes they are just way better than humans and they will just cuddle all the time! Plus, I don't know about your pets, but mine all take selfies with me.