Solutions Suggested by Maxwell Drever for the Affordable Workforce Housing Crisis
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Solutions Suggested by Maxwell Drever for the Affordable Workforce Housing Crisis

Maxwell Drever

Solutions Suggested by Maxwell Drever for the Affordable Workforce Housing Crisis

The country is in the midst of a housing crisis, both in terms of supply and affordability.

The situation has multiplied in the post-pandemic age. The current housing supply is insufficient to meet escalating demand. According to economists, the shortfall is estimated to reach 300,000 units per year. It is past time for the administration to consider possible remedies to this situation. In this post, we'll discuss Maxwell Drever's thoughts and the solutions that he has suggested to change the crisis.

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Lowering the cost of construction and reducing regulatory restrictions at the Federal, State, and local levels

Regulatory hurdles (at the municipal, state, and national levels) should be decreased or abolished to construct new buildings or flats to achieve headway in addressing housing affordability. From time to time, new initiatives should be launched. The automation of the legality of the planning code is one such example. Since its debut, many people have been able to determine the likely outcomes in a specific jurisdiction. They can discover it in minutes, and there is no need to go through the torture of processing for weeks or months.

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Many states have attempted to rezone areas. They're permitting up to three units on pre-designated single-family home property. As a result, the housing capacity has raised three folds.

Boosting productivity by adopting new ideas

According to Maxwell Drever, adopting new technology may be beneficial in enhancing the productivity of house construction. When productivity rises, the timeframe shrinks. The construction cost witnesses a significant drop. Errors can be avoided to a great extent.

Many states have adopted constructional innovations in multifamily housing projects that are now underway. Multifamily development has become more controlled, manageable, and predictable due to this practice.

Providing enough financial aid to tenants

Renters, particularly those from minority and low-income groups, face several challenges in obtaining financial aid. Many rent payment solutions have surfaced that allows tenants to budget their costs, save for their future, and ensure that their rent is paid on time.

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Leveraging land or space that already exists

The rising home affordability problem can find a solution if the authority utilizes the existing land or space. The Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have come into being and are being built on existing residences. Many students are looking for places to live. However, owing to a lack of funds, they are unable to rent an entire flat. Various applications have arisen to address these difficulties by connecting students with homeowners willing to rent out a room in their homes.

Giving preference to modular designs

The concept of modular housing is a newcomer to the budget housing market, but it is swiftly gaining traction. Modular solutions save money during construction, and the number of premanufactured elements varies, ranging from kitchen and bathroom components to fully made homes. The labor shortage and rising material costs have combined to provide an opportunity for modular solutions.

Modular solutions improve the efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of the whole building process, which will become increasingly crucial as the industry gets more competitive.


The majority of the country is debating the issue, but only a few have taken action to solve the situation. The emphasis should be on identifying the solutions. The problem is being tackled at the grassroots level thanks to technological developments. However, it is still far from being settled.

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