This article will obviously have some spoilers about Solo. If you haven't gotten a chance to see it yet, I'd highly recommend you go watch it and then come back and finish reading this.

So, I enjoyed Solo it was a good movie and I feel that more people could enjoy it since it doesn't rely too heavily on the Star Wars universe. However, there was one thing that I feel kept a good movie from being great. That one thing is L3, Lando's annoying co-pilot.

I feel that had she either been changed or removed, the movie as a whole would be better. Her obsessive desire to free other droids from whatever it is they are doing is both irritating and a detriment to her crew.

There are some obvious parallels that can be drawn between L3 and the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) movement. She is the Star Wars version of an SJW. She tries to get her agenda in every little quip she can. She is very confrontational about her desire to free other droids, even to the point of fighting people about it.

In general, she reminds me of a movement that I don't want to think about while I'm at the movies. I don't want to deal with real-world politics or social order or whatever while I watch a Star Wars movie, and unfortunately, L3 forced me to do that.

There is something else about L3 that annoys me. She single-handedly ruined the mission on Kessel. She took a perfectly fine plan and decided to mess that up. Instead of just moving the droid at the access point she needed she told it to go free its compatriots.

Those other droids caused an all-out rebellion and made the overarching mission that much harder. She didn't even help herself with that move since she died in the ensuing chaos.

L3 could've been a decent character that helped the movie. Instead, she became an SJW character that brought the real-world issues with that movement into a movie where they didn't belong.

She also acted as a contrived way to insert some action into the movie for no real benefit to anyone. She was a character that added nothing, and took away a lot from this movie