I recently discovered the ancient six-tone scale referred to as the Solfeggio Frequencies, which are said to be in alignment with your various Chakras and have healing attributes.

The six frequencies and their correlations are as follows: 396 Hz for Liberating Guilt and Fear, 417 Hz for Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change, 528 Hz for Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair), 639 Hz for Connecting/Relationships, 741 Hz for Expression/Solutions and 852 Hz for Returning to Spiritual Order.

These main six frequencies are supposed to help in maintaining spiritual harmony between the mind, body and spirit. There are mathematical theories about why these six particular frequencies are healing and related.

Personally, I have found listening to the most popular frequency, the “miracle” frequency of 528 Hz, to be the most calming and helpful in realigning myself. There are a vast amount of these frequency recordings on YouTube and I find meditating with a particular frequency on for the desired intention of my practice that day to be more enjoyable.

I also use these frequencies when I need to find inner peace during internal conflict or to reduce anxiety.

Ultimately, if you are looking to heal or manifest certain situations into your life, I believe utilizing the Solfeggio Frequencies would be a great way to expand their spiritual practice and explore sound healing. Obviously, these sounds are not going to be a cure-all for whatever stress or pain you may be experiencing and you need to take action to resolve conflict.

However, spending time introspecting, as well as trying to be truly present through the sounds, is a move in the right direction toward relaxation, progress and attaining greater realizations.