Knock knock

Who’s there?


Come to the door, do not stand to close and do not stand too far

Do not stare for too long and do not cross your arms

Stand up and stand tall or else you may fall

Do not speak too fast and do not speak too slowly

Do not show off your art of tattoos on your arms

Cover them up or else you may not get the job

Make sure your resume is full of all the things you once did

If it is not filled up with the proper things do not expect a lot

Do not expect the same pay as men

Do not expect to be treated the same

Make sure you eat healthy and are physically fit

If you are not, do not be frightened, except by all of your peers and self-esteem

Four years of wasted energy all for a job you did not even study

Make sure you know that most people do not get the job they wanted

Because unemployment in other jobs that you did not study is where you get the money

Some may start small and grow and grow

But not for all, you see this is how it goes

Minds change every day and grow with each new experience

All that we have now is our intuition

Even if you do not like this job, even if you do not like the way this all is

That is the way our society is.