When it comes to school, grades mean everything to most.

And to get the grades you think you want, you have to put in the work, even if that means chaining yourself to a table in the library. You're stuck choosing to spend hours studying over going out, or even hanging out with your friends that you feel like you haven't seen in forever.

However, let's take a step back from it all. Growing up, it was always an expectation to get A's in order to be considered successful. In middle school and high school, the grades came pretty easy and with little study hours. It was easy to open your report card and feel confident going in to take a test.

But then you got to college and ish hit the fan. You started spending more hours in the library or reading the tiny print in the textbook that was heavy enough to kill a small animal. You took detailed notes and highlighted your life away and yet, your grades didn't reflect the amount of work that you spent getting there.

Those A's started turning into C's, and that lovely sinking feeling started to set in. Those C's made you feel incompetent because there were those lucky few that seemed to get the grades you could only wish for. You don't want to settle for that C, even though that grade is average.

But that is the thing, no one wants to feel average. But when that C is glaring at you with red ink, it's easy to forget that it's okay to be average.

That job that you are about to get after you graduate isn't going to care that you got a B or even a C in that one class that you thought was going to destroy you. That job just wants to see that you put in the time and took the class.

So stop trying comparing your grades to the person next to you. Life. Will. Go. On.

If you are trying, and I mean really trying, what more could you ask for? C's get degrees, my friend.