Social Media And Personal Style

Before the dawn of social media, fashion houses held a much smaller influence over the way that we dress day to day. Aside from magazines and store advertisement, the fashion world was private to those who did not actively seek out reports on fashion weeks around the world, or publications such as Vogue. Before it was common for models to present their fan base with picture, after picture of off-duty styles, models going between gigs were typically seen in black pants or jeans, with a simple shirt. Without the voice of their social media platforms, they were expected to represent the brand they worked for, or nothing else.

Today that has all changed. Social media has put fashion higher up, to some degree, on everyone's radars. It is impossible to escape a picture of Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid wandering through New York in street clothing. While the dawn of social media has certainly given voice to models and how they are able to express themselves when off duty, it has perhaps lowered the creativity allowed to average people when it comes to selecting outfits.

When the people we look to for fashion inspiration were given free reign over their looks, they took some creativity away from us. Now that we know what women who wear Armani Privé and Valentino on the job wear on their way to coffee, why would we try to modify what we see. Their mystery has been exchanged for a how-to-guide on fashion that has limited our ability to form our own style.

Social media has opened the fashion world up in an unprecedented way. However by presenting us with the best street style has to offer, it has limited us as a society, from tapping into our creative resources and putting our own spin on the new classics.

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