Ahhh, social media.

For me personally, this thing is one wild roller coaster.

I am regularly conflicted by it. One day my thoughts align with, "YES, social media can change the world in so many positive ways, LET'S GO."

And then on other days, my thoughts are more in the realm of, "This is a trap for comparison and I absolutely loathe it."

I am assuming you have probably been on both sides of the totem pole as well.

Here's the deal.

Too much of anything can be bad.

Too much alcohol can lead to destruction.

Too much shopping can lead to a very bare bank account.

Too many cookies can lead to an upset stomach (Unfortunately).

Too much social media CAN be a terrible thing.

If I am being honest, I think that our culture, myself included has fallen (rather face planted) directly into this trap.

As if the pressures to try and impress one another weren't enough, we now have constant live updates about what everyone else is doing.

"Well, if Cheryl is lounging in Cancun, clearly my life isn't cool enough."

"Kimmy just tweeted that her relationship is 'goals' and here I am watching Gilmore girls for the 17th time on a Friday night by myself."

You see this is where it becomes a problem.

Let's paint a picture really quick.

Odds are when yours truly sat down to watch Gilmore Girls or whatever show and decided to take a night off to breathe, it started as a positive thing. Perhaps, this was the first night in a month where the schedule wasn't booked to the brim. This was a night off, a night away from people. That was until the app was clicked on and down the rabbit hole it went.

We get torn when we compare ourselves to others.

Maybe, it would be wise to simply delete the app for a night or two in order to drop the comparison.

For some, this may be deleting their entire account in order to prevent themselves from falling into the anxieties that stem from this comparison.

For others, they may not need to delete anything, but rather just remind themselves that this is something that happens, that people do fall trap to the realms of the interwebs. They may just need a little reminder that this isn't real life and then boom, they are back on board.

Again, this is NOT to say that all social media is bad. My goodness does it have some glorious benefits.

However, just like all things, too much of it can be a tremendous problem.

I am not telling you to completely abandon ship and throw your phone out the door (Unless that is what you need to do, then, DO IT).

Yet, what I am asking is that you reflect on yourself, think it through, say a few prayers, and decide if this whole social media realm is wrecking you or encouraging you.

If it is the first one, see what you personally can do to limit the use of it!

These little platforms might not seem toxic at first, but dang can they be sneaky. Be aware of what the world of the internet is doing to ya' and take proper precautions!