11 Things Social Media Has Made Me Feel

Social media is something we are all extremely familiar with. You can connect with your friends, post pictures of landscapes, selfies, group pictures, etc. Show everyone in the world what you are up to, what you're proud of, or what you are upset about. It seems pretty cool... but social media certainly has its downfalls.

Here are 11 things that social media has made me feel.

1. Fat

A word we don't use so often anymore, but a feeling we all think to ourselves. Whether you are 130 pounds standing 5'5 or 200 pounds at a short 4'9, social media makes you insecure about your body weight when you see a beautiful girl posted up in an awesome swimsuit with thousands of likes. Being comfortable in your own skin is a thing of the past thanks to social media, photoshop, and girls that have learned how to take the perfect photos under the perfect lighting on their seemingly perfect vacations.

2. Insecure about specific physical traits other than your body weight

Body weight is one thing but eye color, shade of teeth, straightness of teeth, skin tone, hair color and hairstyle are completely different topics. You can't truly change your eye color, so you start to think about wearing colored contacts since Isabelle took a "golden hour" photo and her green eyes looked so perfect. You've already had braces, but your teeth never seem to be white enough. Apparently, brown/dirty blonde hair is out now, so you attempt to dye your hair lighter in hopes to look as good as the photo you just scrolled past.

3. Self-conscious about my likes and dislikes

Things come in and out of style like crazy. It changes day to day and social media is what helps people keep up on what's "in" and what's "out." One day, you are out of your mind if you think blue eye shadow looks nice on you, and the next week everyone's wearing it. If you can't keep on with the trends then you just won't get the likes, and that's what social media boils down to. This doesn't only apply to makeup and fashion statements, it applies to sports teams, politics, celebrities, restaurants, and every other tangible thing you can think of.

4. Unlovable 

As dramatic as it sounds, people that are in relationships post all the time about their significant others. Sometimes it makes you feel a little lonely, or like you aren't good enough or pretty enough. When you see a man buy his girl friend flowers weekly, it makes you wonder if you will ever find someone that surpasses those standards.

5. Needy

Being "needy" has a negative connotation. You see one girl tweet about how she's upset and needs someone to talk to, and that tweet gets hundreds of likes. So you try to do the same thing for a few reasons. 1. Why not? 2. It would be nice to know that many people cared about you. But the thing is, you wouldn't be feeling that way or even having that thought process if it wasn't for that one tweet or that one girl that got all of those likes on that tweet. It really becomes a play on insanity.

6. Incompetent 

You see all of these people just slaying life. They seem to be getting every job they apply for, getting straight A's in college, and really just "living their best lives." Yet, it's hard for you to get out of bed some days. You wonder how these people do it and show no sign of struggle. So you just chalk it up as being inadequate for basically... life itself.

7. "Really f*$king sad or really lit" 

... as quoted from a 16-year-old boy. You can see here, the proof is in the pudding and living on an emotional roller coaster like that thanks to social media is unhealthy.

8. Dependent 

You use your phone for security everywhere you go. The first thing you do when you go somewhere and feel even the slightest wave of awkwardness, you pull your phone out and scroll away. It's a coping mechanism that isn't healthy. It makes it easy for you to avoid conversation which could be good at times but is also a bad habit to build.

9. Anxious

You see your crush liking another person's photo, and it makes you anxious. You start thinking about the meaning behind it and you spiral down into why you aren't good enough and why they are giving other people their attention. Again, it leads to insanity and once you start thinking that way it's hard to escape.

10. Angry

Anxiety and anger often go hand and hand. After your anxiety goes away, you begin to feel tension and maybe jealous about the lives these other people are posting about. You may even feel anger towards the girls/boys that post these photos because they inevitably catch the attention of your significant other, which completes the circuit and you go back to feeling insecure.

11. Depressed or simply sad

All of these things lead to depression or sadness. Social media tends to make you feel like you aren't good enough or maybe that you won't amount to anything. Even the "prettiest" girls and the "hottest" guys with the most likes see someone on social media that they envy.

At the end of the day, you have realized that social media makes you feel this way. Yet you still don't want to get rid of it? Why are we so addicted to social media, and how do we stop feeling these things? Even though you may not feel them daily, I know we have all felt at least one of them at some point. Why can't we simply delete the apps off our phones? Why do we always make excuses not to? What will be the next big thing to keep us chained to our cell phones?

The most important thing is that we understand what social media is doing to our brains and that we do something about it.

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