Social Isolation Is A Real Thing

Social isolation is real.

Whether that be intentionally withdrawing from usual activities or accidentally, people tend to socially isolate themselves when they are going through something, therefore, my piece of advice to pass along today is to check on your friends who you haven't seen in awhile.

Maybe it is a fellow club member who you have noticed has missed the past few meetings. Maybe it's a friend you notice who keeps declining your invitations to hangout, regardless of the social situation. Maybe it's someone you don't talk to that often. The point is, we need to get better at checking in on people.

People will socially isolate themselves in many ways. Whether that be the individual is busy with work or school and unintentionally isolates themselves, or the individual is going through mental health issues and feels as though no one understands, reach out anyways.

You could be the difference in someones life just by asking how they are doing. By reaching out and making that initial connection, it establishes the fact that someone is checking in on them and someone is thinking about them. Sometimes that is all a person may need, but sometimes it may not.

Sometimes people don't need someone who will just ask if they're okay. We are conditioned to lie. We are conditioned and used to the fact that when someone asks if you are okay, we always just answer, "I'm fine, how about yourself?" I think we need to not only get better at checking in on someone in an appropriate way, but when asking about how someone is doing, genuinely caring to hear their response and not just asking to talk about ourselves in turn.

Sometimes people just need someone who will say, "What do you need me to do?", instead of, "Do you need anything?" Sometimes people need someone who will let them know they are willing do to whatever for them, not just asking if they need anything for the sake of asking it.

Sometimes little things can make a big difference. One phone call, one stop at their house, one random text to ask to get coffee. A study date, a walk in the park, or even a Facetime can make all the difference.

My advice I want to impart with you, reader, is that notice the signs. Check in on people you love and do it frequently and earnestly. You never know who may really just need an ear that will listen without judgement, a random coffee date, or for someone to ask if they are alright.

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