As if these thoughts weren't already running through your mind all day, here they are again to say goodnight. How nice!

1. Does my best friend actually like me?

2. How did I spell the word "explain" wrong in the fourth grade spelling bee?

I must be an idiot.

3. What should I have for breakfast tomorrow?

4. Is cow's milk really that bad for you?

If so, I should probably start planning my funeral.

5. I should probably start studying for that accounting class I am required to take in three years.

6. Wait, what if I don't even graduate?

7. I'll probably just become homeless and be lonely forever, which is fine.

8. Stray dogs are alone right now.

9. The Earth is slowly dying and there's nothing I can do about it.

10. *Image of dying polar bear emerges

11. Am I a bad person?

12. I wonder if the waitress heard me say thank you or does she now think I am rude and inconsiderate?

13. There are 6 million car accidents a year.

But a car is the safest place to be during a tornado.

14. Did I take my medication?

15. Why did I stutter during that presentation two years ago?

16. Were those girls laughing at me yesterday?

17. If I don't find a boyfriend by tomorrow I will most likely die alone.

18. If I go to sleep now I'll only get 6 hours and 32 minutes of sleep.

19. I'm pretty sure I have a life threatening disease.

How do I break the news to my mom now?!

20. Is the door unlocked?

21. Does my boss hate me?

Most likely. I have never been late to work and I always do my best, so I'm sure she hates me.

22. This is a good song!

Yeah, but if I buy concert tickets who knows if my car will break down on the way there or my ticket won't scan at the gate.

23. Am I succeeding in life?

24. How is it fair that little kids can get cancer?

25. This is just anxiety talking, right?

Yeah, it is, right?