So, We Got A Puppy

On April 2, we got a new puppy. Her name is Acadia, after Acadia, Maine, and we call her Cadie. In the two months since we picked her up, she has done some adorable things. Cadie

Chases her own tail.

Is afraid of her reflection, specifically the one in the oven.

Cadie enjoys watching T.V.

Was very confused/scared when we put her dog tag on her as she did not know what was making that continuous jingling sound (it was her).

Goes on walks with the family, also known to Cadie as “carries.”

She doesn’t quite fit in her bed yet, but she will get there.

Cadie plays fetch by returning the toy and flopping or leaping into your lap, therefore it is necessary to be ready to catch her at all times.

She loves to play with the cats, but only one of them likes to play back.

There was one time when I came outside and my mom told me that Cadie had been chasing ducks in the yard. Excited, I asked where the ducks were, to which my mom said “flying overhead.”

She loves meeting new dogs, but at the same time can’t be bothered with them with then are loud.

She is SUPER chill in the car, she just falls asleep immediately.

Cadie is pretty much a vacuum cleaner (we have had to puppy-proof most of the house).

She has the most high pitched bark you will ever hear.

She has had one bath and is still unsure of how she feels about it.

Cadie barks at our whiteboard roster of the Bachelorette contestants, maybe she’s looking out for Rachel?

Cadie will give you kisses...but she won’t stop. It gets to the point where it’s just kind of awkward and feels weird.

She loves to walk herself, because she is an independant woman and doesn’t need help.

Cadie falls asleep...anywhere.

She also loves sticks.

She will even pose for pictures (we do not know these people).

Cadie is down for pretty much anything, and we love her for it.

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