I Started My First Real Job Today And I Don't Mind This 'Adulting' Thing At All

Life is an interesting thing. One day you're dreaming of wanting to be an adult and the next day you're dreaming of wanting to be a kid again. Life moves way too fast for people to realize it, and today has shown me that. Today, I started my first real job in the real world.

Yup, none of the part-time job struggles; none of the temporary 80-hour temporary work event week. This is the start of my ever so hopeful everlasting career that I will hopefully find rewarding and I will absolutely love.

What do I do exactly? Well, if you haven't figured it out by now, I love golf. Golf is my life. I couldn't imagine myself without it, and I'm pretty much married to it with no chances of a divorce in sight. Today, I started my job as a Tournament Director for the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour right here in Central Florida. Although it counts as a 9-to-5 job, it is anything but typical.

Unlike most people in the workforce, my work week starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday, with my weekend being Monday to Wednesday. That hospitality work week is not meant for all, but there are those who have mastered it. I pretty much fly to a new city every week and host a golf tournament for the best junior golfers in the world, and then I fly back to central Florida for my weekend and do it all over again on Thursday. Yes, what a life it is.

It didn't hit me that this is the start of my career until I started getting my welcome package: my initial starting salary, my benefits package, and also learning that I get to manage three interns for the next couple of months. I still remember being an intern only a year ago, and now I find it strange yet exciting that it's my turn to be on the other side of things.

After leaving another job for a full-time career that is in my industry, it was definitely the right decision. Company culture here is absolutely great. People in my industry have been in my shoes, and I know that I will always have help if I struggle in my first couple of months. I also learned that you have to take care of the interns too. If you've taken an internship, you've understood the struggle of it, and now I understand that I have to make them feel comfortable and reward them when it is necessary.

To those out there looking for that career that can get you started, it may seem hard to find, but find what you are passionate about and spearhead that search and you'll find the correct fit. For me, this is the start of something completely new and amazing, and at 22 years old, if you were to tell me I'd be managing interns and being a director for golf tournaments, I'd call you nuts.

Keep going, friends. Paradise isn't too far away if you are willing to look for it.

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