The windowpanes were foggy,

But not foggy enough

To obscure the view.

The first flake she saw brought an immediate smile to her lips.

She ran to the pane and saw all that was through it,

And at the same time, barely any of it at all.

She abandoned her computer screen for something greater,

The childhood glee that can’t be contrived.

Fright melting, smile frozen.

For the flurries of finals and flakes,

Like water and ice,

Bring a sleety mixture of emotions

That warms the hearts of the book-bound students.

Sliding along walkways, mittens flailing,

Trudging towards their homes away from homes.

With the first snow, there was something magical,

Something beautiful, something right,

That makes hardships disappear in the wondrous fluff.

Later, I hope she makes a snow angel,

That she rolls in the feathery white

And looses her mind in the powerful wind.

I hope even when her delight melts and fright returns,

That she’ll remember the wonderful night

When she first saw snow.

And smile.