Chilled to the bone.

He was bullied as a teen.

They took his heart and stomped upon it.

True colors, there were none worse.

There was a girl who saw it all.

One friend he did, but have.

She left him when she took offense.

To the things misunderstood.

He shied away. Made bad choices.

Believed in the promise of power.

His friends of which he now had none.

Minions is what they became.

They shot him down. No more picking up.

Forever and ever more.

Realizing the mistake was grave.

The biggest he ever made.

The madman wanted to kill her.

The girl of his dreams.

The babe she bore was the target.

Madman thought he would grow to be strong.

He was right, but it was too late.

The madman slaughtered her in cold blood.

The man in the ivory tower wept.

When he came crawling back.

He said, "Spy for the cause."

Then, "I'll help you best as I can."

So spy he did. Over and Over again.

Going back to the madman for snippets.

Anything that could help the boy.

Son of the one he loved.

Angry, grieving, sad, upset.

These words they use.

It doesn't begin to describe him.

He is brave. He is strong.

He is more than you will ever know.

The tainted character, so tightly wove.

Severus Snape.