Whenever a change is forcibly imposed onto people, they are bound to retaliate and complain about the change even if it had good aspects. Once routine is re-established, however, everyone adjusts and it no longer becomes a big deal.

Like everyone else, I hated Snapchat’s update when I first used it. I thought it was way too promotional of irrelevant news, and hated how I didn’t get a clear list of everyone’s stories. But, I’ve adjusted to and even come to like the changes that the new update brings.

Here are 6 things from the new Snapchat that make the update great.

1. Stories can be scrolled through again

In the previous version, you returned to the stories page after clicking through someone’s snaps. You would only automatically move onto someone else’s story if you swiped, but you wouldn’t know how many stories were left to someone’s post. The update allows you to go through all of someone’s stories and straight to the next person’s.

2. It’s harder to accidentally watch someone’s story

You can now see whose story you are about to view before viewing them. If you’re trying to avoid someone, no worries - Snapchat’s got you!

3. Friends are separated from companies, instead of mixed into each other

Before, friends and company news were on the same page. Now, they’re distinctly separate so if you want to avoid one or check out another, it’s much easier to do so.

4. Other companies can benefit with the increase in ad space

If you’re a company, you could benefit from better ads.

5. New fonts

So many new choices for caption fonts.

6. Multiple messages per photo

Add more than one caption to each snap!