5 Smoothie Tips For Summer

If you're anything like me, you know the struggle of trying to eat healthy during the summer. I try to eat salads but find myself reaching for the cake more often than not. However, one way I've been able to stop my sugar cravings is through delicious smoothies! While going out for smoothies every day would be ideal, as a college student trying to save money, I've realized that isn't financially realistic. Making smoothies at home may seem daunting at first, and they never seem to come out ~perfect~, but I've found ways of making them taste quite similar to the ones I've bought at a store.

1. Use frozen fruit


Getting the consistency is extremely difficult, and while using frozen fruit seems to be counter to having a "fresh" smoothie, it is still equally delicious! It also allows you to cut down on the ice, which ultimately ends up watering the smoothie down.

2. Greek yogurt is also a must


Greek yogurt gives the smoothie the ~creamy~ feel that everyone looks for, and it's healthy for you too! You can get plain yogurt in large quantities at the supermarket, or use flavored yogurts for a sweet twist.

3. Add protein powder


Protein powder is an easy and healthy addition to your smoothies, especially if you're looking for an extra boost for your next workout. I prefer vanilla flavored, but you can get it plain or with other flavors as well!

4. Don't be afraid to add veggies to the mix


Vegetables can be a great addition to your smoothie if you use them right, and you can get so many more vitamins and minerals from them as well! People tend to shy away from green smoothies (which I'll admit can taste gross sometimes), but a little bit of kale or cucumber could really make the difference in your next smoothie.

5. Taste it first!


This might seem like an obvious one, but make sure you taste your smoothie before you pour it out of the blender! Just because it looks delicious, it doesn't mean it actually is. It's better to have a bit and realize it needs something added than to pour it all out and wash the blender and THEN realize it doesn't taste as good as it looks.

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