I remember hearing about the terrible evil that happened to Jussie and I was so angry - I didn't know what to do or how to feel. I went to Twitter (my source for everything) and saw that not only was he beaten, but he had bleach poured on him. I became livid at this point. I saw people rallying behind him and sending him well wishes and urging the police to track down the people who committed a what could have been a fatal hate crime, but the police couldn't find a single thing and I thought that was weird. Of all the technology in the world, nobody recorded the altercation? Not a single camera caught this act of violence? That boggled my mind and then reports broke that Jussie was now a suspect in the criminal investigation that he started. How's that for your cup of tea on a Thursday?

I thought, "What in the world? Why would he falsify a report claiming to have been attacked by people who yelled racial slurs at him? That's ridiculous." Then I thought some more and not even 10 minutes later, I saw that he turned himself in and was being charged for falsifying a police report (which equivalates to a class 4 felony) and he could serve up to three years in jail. I was furious all over again and I'm here to say that I fully support his incarceration.

People are getting beaten and killed every day in acts of hate crimes, so for him to pay two brothers to attack him (and then pin the blame on them) is ridiculous. This isn't a television show where if he can blame someone, turn around and get them out of the trouble that he put them in; this is the real world, boo. Those boys could have spent the rest of their lives in jail and for what? So Jussie could get attention? That's low, desperate, and childish.

Jussie, you had celebrities, big shot celebrities even, send you their love and your fans and people on Twitter were supporting you and now you've just made a fool of them and yourself. I bet you didn't think that you would get suspended from "Empire." You did all of this because you wanted a pay raise - greed is the greatest morale killer on Earth and karma will not be kind to you in the future because of this.