Are Smokeless Fire Pits Worth The Cost?
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Are Smokeless Fire Pits Worth The Cost?

It's most likely happened to you, as it has to me dozens of times. You're taking in the scenery, the stars, and the company when you get a whiff of smoke in your face. It's fine; you can slide your chair over with no problem.

Are Smokeless Fire Pits Worth The Cost?

It's most likely happened to you, as it has to me dozens of times. You're taking in the scenery, the stars, and the company when you get a whiff of smoke in your face. It's fine; you can slide your chair over with no problem. There it is, all over again.

The smokeless fire pit is brought in. These beauties promise a smoke-free fire pit with all the warmth and ambiance of a traditional fire pit.

How Smokeless Fire Pits Work?

Simply put, smoke is produced when there is insufficient oxygen to burn your firewood effectively. A hollow double-wall design is used in the smokeless fire pits you see in stores. This draws air into the fire and adds oxygen, allowing the fuel (your firewood) to burn completely, a process known as complete combustion.

Benefits of Smokeless Fire Pits

Compared to a traditional fire pit, the best smokeless fire pit has a number of advantages that make them appealing. Let's get this party started!

Wind-Resistant Smokeless Fire Pits

If you've ever used a traditional fire pit or stood in front of a campfire, I'm sure you've noticed how the smoke seems to be drawn to you and follows you around no matter where you go. The wind also blows embers from the fire, which can be dangerous, especially if children are present who are not aware of their surroundings.

Smokeless fire pits have a deep well design that keeps whirling smoke and embers to a minimum.

Less wood, more heat!

During the colder months, fire pits are commonly used. On a chilly day, the ability to enjoy the outdoors. I'm craving the warmth of a fire. On the other hand, Smokeless fire pits produce more heat than their traditional counterpart due to the more efficient burning of the wood. They can also achieve this level of heat with a smaller amount of wood.

Because of the airflow management, the heat produced is more consistent, requiring less time to keep the fire going and ensure it doesn't become too strong or weak.

Better For The Environment

Smokeless fire pits reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide produced as a result of incomplete combustion. BioLite's CampStove, in particular, claims to reduce carbon emissions by 90%.

Smokeless fire pits still emit particulate pollution into the air; if you're looking for something that doesn't, natural gas or propane-fueled fire pit might be a better option.

Fire or Inconspicuous Heat? What is the source of the fire?

This is primarily for my city dwellers. It's one thing to not have to worry about smoke, but having your neighbors worry about your smoke is almost as good.

Some neighbors are overly curious or cautious about smoke; perhaps they want to make sure you're safe, or perhaps they're environmentally conscious and don't like pollution; in either case, they won't be bothered by the smell or the smoke that comes from using a fire pit, and they can rest easy knowing you're doing your part to help the environment.

Extra Beneficial to Your Lungs

Simply put, there is less smoke to inhale when there is less smoke. You and any of your guests with special medical needs, such as pregnancy, asthma, allergies, or sinus problems, will appreciate it. A great article about inhaling fire smoke can be found at the National Library of Medicine.

Cleaning Up Is A Lot Easier

Cleaning your smokeless fire pit is straightforward. Because of the way complete combustion utilizes its fuel source (the firewood). The wood is reduced to fine ash due to the higher temperature burns.

Disadvantages of Smokeless Fire Pits

Although there are a few drawbacks to smokeless fire pits, there are a few that you should be aware of depending on your application.

They are not water resistant

Stainless steel is used in the majority of smokeless fire pits. Because of this, they are prone to rust and corrosion; after all, stainless steel isn't exactly stainless. You can effortlessly solve this issue by using a cover to keep them out of direct sunlight. If your smokeless fire pit does rust, Bob Vila has a few suggestions for dealing with the problem.

They're a Little Expensive

Even though they are now more affordable than in the past, they are still more expensive than a traditional wood-burning fire pit. According to my quick google search, smokeless fire pits can cost anywhere from $200 to $1500 depending on the features and accessories included.

Smokeless Fire Pit (Do-It-Yourself)

You want to take advantage of a smokeless fire pit but don't want to spend the money? There are a few other kinds of smokeless fire pits available. Here's how to make your smokeless fire pit using the airflow principles we've learned.

Dakota's Fire Pit

The Dakota fire pit can be traced back to the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota Sioux nations' indigenous peoples. Following bison herds across the midwest plains, these nomadic tribes were constantly on the move. The Dakota fire pit was created because they needed a durable, easy-to-maintain fire that wouldn't alert the bison herds. Here's how to make a simple but effective fire.

  • Dig two holes that are about 2-3 feet apart. Your fire pit should be deep enough that the firewood does not protrude above ground level.
  • Construct an underground tunnel connecting your secondary fire hole to your primary fire hole.

That is all there is to it. No, seriously! Your main hole's fire will be protected from the wind. The secondary tunnel creates airflow, bringing fresh oxygen into your fire. More oxygen = less smoke, as you might have guessed. Because the holes are shallow, you can use a thick stick or a shovel if you have one on hand.

However, these aren't foolproof. A good Dakota fire pit requires the right wood and the right setup.


Given the numerous advantages that smokeless fire pits can provide. If you plan on using it more than occasionally, I believe they are well worth the investment. Keep in mind that the Dakota fire pit provides all of the benefits of a consumer fire pit without the cost. Still, some people are unable or unwilling to dig a few holes in their yard, and this is a problem for them.

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