Finals have finally started to rear their ugly heads. The only reason I'm sure of this is because I've entered what I like to call "the fog." It's a little period of time right before summer starts rolling around the corner, when spring isn't too sure that it wants to be here, and winter still likes to have a good laugh with you in the mornings.

The two to three week-long projects have been assigned and now you know there's no way to avoid it -- they are coming. The crazy, ungodly amount of work is now hot and fresh in your lap in front of you, and all you can do it stare at it and wave slowly. Wave any social life that you may or may not have goodbye for the next month. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. It's actually a good thing. At least for a month. Your college life should be a balance between your work, a social life, and self preservation so you don't loose your mind.

But not during finals! Finals are about losing your mind and simply doing all of your work until you turn it in. It's about stressing over every single thing about planning the assignment or project, then not caring at all about the details you thought about earlier whilst actually working on said project or assignment. It's almost like you forget to think or function entirely, and your brain doesn't have any intelligent feedback for any of the things your muscle memory is just making you do.

On top of that, there's those annoying things you have to do like eat and take a shower, which, believe it or not, is incredibly easy to forget when you're half dead and "walker"-ing through your day. Just when you think you're going to keel over and cave in from all of the stuff you have to do and complete in a short period of time, it all stops. Then you finally look up when school is out and the fog starts to lift, and you wonder where a month of your year went. You slowly nod as you start to fall back asleep and lazily (and somewhat frustratingly) mumble the word, "Finals."