Slaying Confidence In Your 20's

Slaying Confidence In Your 20's

The trick about confidence is that we all wear it a little bit differently and give it our own definition.

Lets face it, confidence is not the easiest quality to wear for some people in this life when your facing all these complexities of the world. We need it though, so we can get through life as gracefully as possible. Don't stress too much with trying to figure out how to go about being confident because it's not something that happens over night. You're probably sitting here reading this and laughing but you know for some people this is hard on them. Some people embrace their confidence with no problem while others struggle because they aren't quiet ready to be noticed by everyone.

Confidence is the solution to feeling entrapped by societal expectations. The world would be so boring if we were all the same, am I right? The trick about confidence is that we all wear it a little bit differently and give it our own definition. Confidence is not being cocky, it's being 100% content with the awesome human being you have the potential to be every single day of your life. Here are 7 ways to slay that confidence in your 20's:

1. Experiment with different styles

Once again, confidence can be seen and has a lot to do with how you view yourself. Experimenting around with different styles and which one works for you is the first step for you to walk confidently anywhere you go. Also, your comfort should always be something that remains the same.

2. Add self love to your daily routine.

Establishing a dedicated love and respect for yourself will allow you to accept nothing less from the world. You love everything about yourself and go out there and let the world see it. You do you!

3. Be straight forward about your feelings.

Don't be shy about your feelings and how you feel. Confidence is all about expressing your feelings and addressing them if needed. Being direct makes you real.

4. Don't compare yourself to other people.

LITERALLY EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! This is what makes life beautiful because every human out there is different from the next. BE YOU.

5. Accept things that you cannot change.

Accepting that there are times when you will not be able to control every situation is building your confidence. You letting the universe unfold what is supposed to happen and have faith you can handle whatever is handed in your life.

6. Enjoy your own company.

If you enjoy your own company than others will more likely will too. You know what you have to offer as a person when you're just down right comfortable with your own company. Clearly, you're awesome and kicking butt at this thing called life.

7. Establish your own definition of happiness.

Confidence + Happiness= walk hand in hand . If you have one you likely have the other. Once you've found your own definition of happiness and have cherished it you can confidently face anything in this world. Confidence really is something you have to build over time, but it's never too late.

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