I've always been relatively adventurous.

When I was 3 years old I went to disney world with my parents and wasn't afraid to ride the front seat of the biggest "3" year old roller coaster. As I grew up - I made a list of "insane" things I wanted to do. Go shark diving without a cage, scuba dive, snorkel, tubing, white water rafting, zip lining, bungee jump, cliff jumping, cave diving, rock climbing, go on a safari, hike Machu Picchu - really anything to get my adrenaline pumping. I love the feeling of embracing your fear.

So far in my life I've been able to accomplish a lot of them - I've completed extreme height ropes courses, hiked 50 miles of the Appalachian trail, gone white water rafting (though I want to do it again), tubing, zip lining (at 3600 ft!), and even some "smaller" things like ride front seat of every roller coaster at Carowinds.

In the summer of 2018, my mom decided that instead of a whole vacation, we'd spend 3 days along the coast of North Carolina - making stops at each lighthouse we could since the state park lighthouses are my favorite attraction in NC!

She then added in that during our stop in Manteo, we'd try out Skydive OBX on our first day.

So my mom, dad, and me headed out to the outer banks of North Carolina and pulled up to Skydive OBX around 10:00 am on June 27, 2018.

When we got there, I was pleading that I could be the first one. I wanted to jump so badly and I wasn't afraid. Unfortunately my dad insisted that he go first because he thought that if he saw me jumping out the plane first then it would scare him.

Together we got lined up, my dad first, I second, and my mom last.

My dad and I boarded the small plane that had nothing by the pilot seat and a few gym pads in the back for us to sit on.

The flight up took close to 10-15 minutes, our instructors were watching how high we were in ft on their watches. I got a chance to look out at the island, the Atlantic ocean and was in complete awe. My dad was a little bit more nervous than I and when asked if we were scared he said yes but I said no.

Finally we got to our point of jumping, the door to the side of the plane opened and my dad jumped. I watched him from a slight distance as he plummeted towards the ground.

I inched myself closer to the door leaned out and together my instructor and I pushed ourselves off.

My heart barely dropped.

I felt like I was floating - just with insane amounts of gusts of wind in my face. The ground didn't feel like it was coming at me, I felt like I was flying.

I was more in amazement of the beauty of the entire place! It was incredible!

As we got down to 7000 ft, we opened our parachutes and gently landed on the field next to the airport.

My mom came up to us before she left and was asking all about it, but as much as I was excited and had the time of my life - I wasn't freaking out.

Skydiving was definitely one of the craziest things I've ever done but it wasn't that much of an adrenaline rush. In fact, if you watch the video on their youtube of me, I can tell you I wasn't screaming, I was smiling and having a good time. My face just doesn't look fazed at all.

I 100/10 reccommend Skydive OBX. The instructors there were the kindest, most adventurous people I've ever met and the experience was amazing, something I'd definitely do again!

I'm also glad I'm majoring in Parks and Natural Resources so I can do this kind of thing everyday.