The Skill That Will Set You Apart From Other Job Candidates

In today's competitive job market, there is one skill that can make you or break you for employers. According to an article on USA Today, this skill is ranked the most important for potential employees to have by most organizations. So what is this skill you must master to be employed by companies such as BAE Systems, Microsoft, UPS and other large, successful corporations?

The answer is writing.

Most people make the assumption only journalists and publishers need to have good writing skills. However, they are completely wrong. Demonstrating above average writing skills is important in almost every career. After all, every career uses writing.

Doctors have to write up charts in great detail so other doctors, nurses and medical assistants can fully understand what is going on with a specific patient. Business professionals have to write up proposals for marketing plans and other initiatives within the company. Even retail workers have to write down the reason a customer made a return and write notes to their boss.

To put it simply, writing is everywhere.

Having good writing skills also demonstrates various other attributes about a potential employee. Writers have to be detail-oriented, meticulous, creative and hardworking. All of these traits are considered favorable.

In the digital age, most people make the mistake that they do not have to be as sharp with their writing. However, Facebook, e-mail, Twitter and other social media websites can be used as platforms for your potential employers to assess your writing skills.

A potential employer is more likely to hire you if your Facebook posts sound more like this...

"Today was a great day! I went to my grandparents' house and then to the aquarium.'

...rather than this:

"Today was a g8 day! I went to my gparents house nd then 2 da aquarium."

Remember good writing skills are the foundation to communicating effectively. Having writing pieces to showcase during interviews or on your LinkedIn profiles can make you that much more impressive to future employers.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your pen or open your blank Word Document and start writing!

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