Six Trends That Need to Come Back

Six Trends That Need to Come Back

We Peaked in the '90s

Every couple of years, there is a distinct trend that captivates the population and becomes a symbol for the generation. When trends eventually fade out, people look back and usually wonder why they ever partook in such a ridiculous fashion or hairdo. But I believe that some of these ‘outdated’ trends are staples of fashion and design, and shouldn’t be dismissed. Here are a couple examples of trends that faded out too quickly and should be brought back into present day style.

1. Chokers

This is a trend that has slowly been resurfacing over the last couple years among twenty-something year olds. I do admit that some look absolutely ridiculous donning a black line across their neck, but most people can pull off this look easily and rock the edgy '90s style with ease.

2. Mood Rings

Don’t you remember back in the day when your parents would give you quarters to use on the bubblegum machines? You would put those two-quarters in, crank the knob, and hope that the little plastic ball rolling out contained a coveted mood ring. How else would someone know how he or she was truly feeling? These rings also paved way for multiple new pick up lines and digs, stepping your middle school sass game way up.

3. Huge Hoop Earrings

When this craze hit its peak, I wasn’t allowed to have my ears pierced, but thankfully Claire’s had a line of clip-on hoop earrings. Who didn’t love spinning their head around to feel cold pieces of metal hit their cheeks? All dangly earrings gave you the feeling of maturity and class, like a real grown up.

4. Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are one of the few trends that was especially heartbreaking to see go. Every time you put on a pair, it felt like two mystical clouds were engulfing your feet. Although these boots came at a steep price, with proper care and avoidance of puddles, they could last you a while. Hopefully the classic black, brown, and camel colors come back. Please leave the bright pink sequined Uggs at home, no one wants to see those.

5. Velour Track Suits

When I was in middle school, I’ll admit I genuinely wanted to be a cool mom who wore matching Juicy track suits to the grocery store. And if I were being honest, life would be so much easier if all I had to do was choose which color jumpsuit to adorn that day. From what I remember, these jumpsuits were pretty comfortable, and the back pockets made even the most awkward 12-year-old's butt look fantastic.

6. Scrunchies

I am confused why these ever went out of style. Personally, my hair is extremely thin, and scrunchies were pretty much its savior. The thick elastic and soft fabric holding your hair in place wasn’t just useful, but also stylish. The array of colors matched any outfit, whether you wanted a classic black or navy for a subtle, chic look, or a bright pink to show the world your confidence. The cheap price of these accessories let girls have a huge selection of choices, unlike today's boring thin elastics that I swear pull out half of my hair every time I use them.

These six trends reached their peak in the '90s, but unfortunately fell into the ‘fashion faux pas’ category in the 2000s. Hopefully, with a combined effort, we can resurrect these iconic looks and go back to the good ol’ days when we were preteens without a care in the world.

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Sexism In The Makeup Industry Has Got To Go

It's twenty-eighteen, y'all, and dudes can do makeup too.


Go into just about any beauty store, and you will find a visibly uncomfortable-looking guy hesitantly following his girlfriend around the stacks of foundation and matte lipsticks. Heck, walk into your local Walmart and you can find dudes pointedly steering away from the makeup isles. You would think Maybelline and Cover Girl carried the plague, not affordable makeup lines.

Here's the thing:

Wearing foundation on your skin doesn't make you a male or a female.

Your chromosomes determine that.

Enjoying applying makeup isn't a one-gender-fits-all sort of situation.

Gender is made up anyway, so there goes that excuse.

Finding pleasure in having clean, clear skin, taking care of your body, and using "beauty" products doesn't decide who or what you are.

You do.

The makeup industry is one of the most women-driven fields out there, but that really is not something to celebrate. Girls dominate the makeup industry because guys aren't "allowed" to partake in the art that truly is makeup (they are called makeup artists for a reason). There are a lot of reasons for this, and none of them are good for men, women, nonbinary individuals, or other gender non-conforming people.

Society hyper-feminizes makeup.

Men make fun of men who like makeup.

People consider makeup to be misleading, to be put on as a show for others' entertainment.

Really, makeup is about making yourself happy, about putting the things you feel inside and showcasing them for the world. It is for making yourself feel good, for creating a living piece of art on your face or body. Makeup takes skill and practice, hours of refining and finesse. It is an expressive art.

Not being a femme woman does not mean your makeup interests should be policed. If you think makeup is cool, do makeup. If you don't like makeup, don't do makeup.

It really is as simple as that.

The thing about this constant battle of who is allowed to do makeup and in what context or for whom that bothers me most, is by doing this, we are preventing incredibly talented individuals from rising to the top in the industry.

Take the makeup artist in the cover image for this very article as an example. Manny is arguably one of the most talented makeup artists of this generation. His YouTube following is made up of over five million subscribers, and his Instagram also has surpassed the 5M followers mark. Not only is Manny incredibly skilled with a brush and makeup palette, but he is charming, witty, compassionate, and entertaining. His newly released makeup line, Lunar Beauty, is a testament to his legacy as an MUA.

Think. Dream. Create. This is how Lunar Beauty finds inspiration to create a world filled with life and color. By blending Manny's passion and experience, we have concocted cosmetics and designed apparel that both men and women will love.

Manny is not the only guy out there slaying the makeup game, and people like him are slowly breaking down the sexist barrier in the makeup industry.

Makeup is all about self-expression. Nobody should get to pick and choose who is allowed to participate.

If you are a gal and you feel threatened by a guy's wickedly sharp cut-crease, grow up and open up your mind. Complement him. Support him. Ask him for tips.

If you are a guy and some pigmented powder threatens your masculinity, go sniff some beef jerky and you'll be fine. Just because your fragile sense of self is easily deconstructed, it does not mean everyone else needs to follow suit.

Let people enjoy the harmless things they enjoy.

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