Six Reasons My Life Is Basically A Sitcom
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Six Reasons My Life Is Basically A Sitcom

Apparently some of the stuff that happens to me isn't normal?

Six Reasons My Life Is Basically A Sitcom
Carlise Warner

Earlier this week, my roommate asked me if my life was actually a sit-com and she was just a side character. I asked her what she meant by that, and she started saying some of the random things that happen in my life that aren’t exactly…normal. I came up with a few on my own, as well.

1. That one fatal flaw

Who fractures a bone by slipping on water? I’ve played sports since I was 4 years old and the only things that really happened were a multitude of ankle sprains (of the high, low, and combination varieties), a ton of wrist sprains (I never did slide correctly in softball), a broken finger (hello, slamming door), and a twice-broken toe (both times involving water). I’ll admit that I’m a klutz, but one would think that my klutziness would at least show up consistently when I gave it the chance. There were 15 years of only minor injuries, only for a little fall to bring me a boot for 10 weeks.

2. Hometown drama

I’m sure you’ve heard of small town drama. It’s a thing that happens quite literally ALL. THE. TIME. It helps that my friend Stacey who lives three doors down from me is also from my home town. We meet up from time-to-time to discuss the happenings of good ole Tipton. Mainly these meetings involve me hearing about something and me running (more recently hobbling) down the hall to knock frantically on her door before I explode with information.

3. Comedic supporting cast

We all know that college brings an interesting mix of people and puts you all in a small little space. So there’s me, heroine, obviously. There’s Chloe, the sarcastic roommate. We have Jordan, the Mom-type neighbor. Obviously we have Stacey, the hometown normalcy down the hall. There is also the former-next-door-now-upstairs-neighbor brutally honest Killara. Then there’s all of the Cru girls and all of their knitting, praising, singing, One Tree Hill-watching glory. It’s a great mix, I promise. We enjoy sitting in the hallway on the floor and talking.

4. Quirky family traditions

Anybody else’s family go watch three separate movies “together” on Christmas Day? No? Just mine? Okay, how about disc golfing before that? No? Huh. After we all knew *spoiler alert* that Santa wasn’t real, there was no reason to go to sleep on Christmas Eve to wake up to presents. Nowadays, we go to church, change into comfy clothes, play tons of pool, and open presents at mindight-ish, then play more pool. We then sleep in, and then go to our movies. It’s fun.

5. Obsession with one specific thing

My grandma collected teapots, I love mugs. I started drinking coffee my sophomore year of high school when I was in Germany. I love Starbucks, and we went to one there, but I didn’t feel like translating, so I just kinda picked something. Turns out it was pretty good. And any good coffee-drinker knows that half of the coffee experience is the container it comes in. So now I collect mugs. If you ever need a Christmas present for me, there it is. You’re welcome. I specifically like the wide, flat mugs. They’re kind of quirky and cute and I just love them so much.

6. My family’s secret “code”

Everyone in my immediate family and some members of my extended family speak German. Sometimes, to add a little pizzazz to our sentences, we’ll throw in a random German word for fun. It can lead for some awkward moments (look up the German word for shower), but mainly it throws so many people off. My roommate speaks German, and actually tested into a higher class than I did, but when my dad threw out a German word at the end of a sentence, you could color her all shades of confused. It’s not uncommon for my Papa to just start a conversation in German and for everyone else to follow suit. This almost always happens when one of my brothers or I have someone with us that doesn’t speak German. That person turns into translator for the evening. It’s so fun.

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