From the expressions we use, to the scenes we reference, to even the theme songs we sing, it's amazing to watch how certain sitcoms still remain popular decades after their finale episode. Here are 10 tv sitcoms released at least a decade ago that stand the test of time. Each show is notable for it's witty humor, creative plot lines, and well developed characters!

The Twighlight Zone

Air Time:1959-1964

The Addams Family

Air Time: 1964-1966

The Golden Girls

Air Time: 1985-1992

Full House

Air Time:1985-1995


Air Time: 1989-1998

The Nanny

Air Time: 1993-1999

Boy Meets World

Air Time: 1993-2000


Air Time: 1993-2004


Air Time: 1994-2004

That 70's Show

Air Time: 1998-2006