9 Reasons My Sister Isn't Just My Sister, She's My Person

9 Reasons My Sister Isn't Just My Sister, She's My Person

This one is for you, sis.

She's known me from day one. She probably knows me better than I know myself, and is my best friend and loves me no matter what. Even though she still blames me for the death of her beloved fish "Fred" from 14 years ago.

1. Let's face it. She's my second mom.

She has kept me in line ever since I can remember. I've thrown some sass around in my lifetime and have overreacted about some things. But, no problem. She will be there to pull me aside to give me her legit "listen to my wise words or else" facial expression, and put me right back in my place.

And don't think about putting it past her to try and ground you. Because she will. There have been times where I have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, so she flat out told me to get over myself. And then proceeded to offer me a cup of coffee and a hug. Because even though she has to terminate my sass sometimes, she's still the coolest.

2. She will give me her honest opinion, whether I ask for it or not.

Maybe it's been about an outfit that I almost bought, that she knew I would regret buying later. Or maybe a boy from the past that she despised, only because he was no Prince Charming and she knew it. I've made some horrible recipes a few times in my life (thanks for the letdown, Pinterest) and she was the first to tell me bad news. It might have hurt my feelings for a few minutes.

But my opinionated sister saved me from making that distasteful dish ever again, and instead praised the dishes that she knew wouldn't cause anyone serious intestinal PTSD. Thanks, sis!

3. She lets me vent about unnecessary things.

Maybe it was over the fact that the coffee shop put everything in my "coffee" except the actual coffee itself. You know, the life-giving portion of the overpriced drink. So then I was basically stuck with lukewarm pumpkin milk with a dash of severe disappointment on top.

Feathers were ruffled. I needed to talk to someone about this.

And my sister was there to accept my venting, even if there was some sisterly judgment involved. Whether it be unnecessary or serious matters, she is always there ready to listen.

4. She's always down for some throwback tunes.

From *NSYNC, to the Backstreet Boys, and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. She is always down to dramatically sing and dance to some popular but horrifyingly cheesy tunes from the good ole' days. She is also one of my favorite dance floor partners, and will still act like she knows me when I start to "dance" and appear as if I have ants in my bra.

5. She sacrificed herself as the "guinea pig" child.

She wasn't allowed to watch some of the famous 90s cartoons because our parents saw some "disobedient and disrespectful" content in them. But being the second and last child they had, I got away with it. And she still hasn't let me forget about it. But I look back on those glory days of watching "Rugrats" on Saturday mornings and wonder how she survived missing out on that show at the age of six. What a trooper!

6. She's my awkward social situation companion.

Weddings. Birthday parties. Any type of get-together that might consist mostly of people who are about 30-50 decades older than you. And the fear of having to awkwardly and shamefully repeat yourself at a higher volume than your accustomed to because the super adultier adult can't hear you the first 7 times you answer their question.

And then sometimes you realize that the very adorable, but talkative elderly woman lady that you are talking to has been informing you about her grandkids for the past 15 minutes without a break or breath. It happens to me every time. But my sister is there (usually laughing at me from across the room) but sometimes gets me out of it by telling me that I'm "needed elsewhere". Thanks for saving my forever-awkward butt, sis.

7. Sister bonding activities, of course.

Crafty Christmas decorating and shopping, a good glass of wine, and that one TV show that we can both quote and relate to everyday life. And brunch. Especially brunch. Sharing the same "obsessions" with her is literally the best. Would we like a mimosa with our chicken and waffles? Yes. Yes, we would.

8. We still laugh at each other's most embarrassing and traumatizing moments.

Anyone who has a sister knows that embarrassing stories about you will come out sooner or later. My sister and I still laugh and make fun of each other about the embarrassing memories from the past. Like that time that her Winnie The Pooh obsession scored us both a Winnie The Pooh themed bathroom, making us the coolest kids in school.

And it definitely helped that at the time, my parents were walking my prone-to-spontaneous-adventures self around on a leash.

And let's not forget to look back on our fashion trends in middle school. Two different time periods as we are 7 years apart, but just as cringy. The old photos prove that between our too-tight ponytail and heavily applied deep blue eyeshadow, middle school was the most awkward stages in our lives. We giggle looking at the photos now, but we will always be cringing over them deep down.

9. She always has been and always will be my best friend.

What I have learned in life, is that friends come and go. But sisters are forever. My sister has always been there for me, no matter what life may throw at me. She knows some of my deepest secrets, and I can trust her to keep them safe. She has made some of my worst days a million times better, just by being herself. She can make anyone smile, as she got our dad's humor and quick wit.

Everyone who comes in contact with her knows instantly that she is so beautiful, both inside and out. Growing up with her has been one of the greatest adventures, and she will always be one of the biggest blessings in my life. The list could seriously go on forever. But I will never be able to thank her enough for all that she has done for me.

Thank you for being my person, sis.

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Cover Image Credit:

@champagnepapi / Instagram

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Who Knows My Boyfriend Better: Me Or His Best Friend?

Can romance beat bro-mance? We'll find out.


I've been dating my boyfriend, Caleb, for almost two years now. I feel like we share plenty of common interests and know a lot about each other. But, as many people do, my boyfriend has a best friend: Korey. Caleb and Korey are so close that I often joke that he would probably leave me to be with Korey. So, I thought it would be fun to put that to the test. I asked Caleb to quiz Korey and me to see who knows more about what Caleb likes. These are the results:

1. Favorite Movie (3 acceptable answers)


Morgan: Top Gun. That was one of the first movies you showed me so I'm going with Top Gun.

Korey: 50/50, because I am the purveyor of taste and I introduce all good movies to him.

Caleb: 50/50, Limitless, or 2049

Point: Korey

2. Favorite Food


Morgan: Any kind of pasta.

Korey: Geez... Chicken wings?

Caleb: Pizza

Caleb likes lots of foods but, unfortunately, neither of us got this one.

3. Favorite Color


Morgan: Blue

Korey: He has none, he's colorblind. (Just kidding, I think it's blue.)

Caleb: Blue

This one was easy. Point: both.

4. Favorite Show


Morgan: Silicon Valley. You watch a lot of TV shows so it's hard to know exactly which one is your favorite.

Korey: That 70's Show

Caleb: How I Met Your Mother

Caleb later told me that either one of our answers would have been his second choice. But they weren't his first so, again, no one gets the point.

5. Favorite Song


Morgan: "Free Bird"

Korey: "Free Bird"

Caleb: "Free Bird"

Again, another easy question. Caleb plays this song all the time. Point: both.

6. Favorite Actor


Morgan: Paul Rudd? I feel like this is wrong but I'm going with Paul Rudd.

Korey: Tom Cruise. I think he said he was his second favorite, but when I asked him what his favorite was, he said he didn't know...Tom Cruise it is then.

Caleb: Tom Cruise

Hello?! Tom Cruise is in Top Gun, how did I get question one wrong? Whatever. Point: Korey

7. Favorite Candy


Morgan: Sour Patch Watermelon

Korey: (Expletive.) I don't know. Lifesavers? Do those count as candy?

Caleb: Strawberry Sour Patch

My answer was closest seeing as I guess the correct candy just the wrong flavor, so we all agreed that I get the point.

8. Favorite Film Series


Morgan: Wet Hot American Summer. I don't even know if this is a series but I know you like it. Again, you watch a lot of movies.

Korey: Middle Earth

Caleb: Lord of The Rings

Point: no one

9. Favorite Book Series


Morgan: Percy Jackson? You don't read much.

Korey: … Middle Earth?

Caleb: Percy Jackson

We both love the Percy Jackson books. Point: Morgan

10. Favorite Band


Morgan: Journey. You went to their concert so that's what I'm going with.

Korey: AC/DC? Or Journey? I'm gonna go with Journey. This is hard.

Caleb: Journey

Point: both

11. Favorite Solo Artist


Morgan: Ed Sheeran

Korey: Ed Sheeran

Caleb: Lil Dicky

Korey and I agree that we were robbed this round. Point: no one

12. Favorite Shirt


Morgan: Either the "Allegedly" shirt or that blue one that says something about pizza.

Korey: "Allegedly." The blue one. The one he got from Rooster Teeth.

Caleb: "Allegedly"

He wears this shirt probably twice a week. Point: both

13. Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Hero


Morgan: Star-Lord. I would say Thor but you laugh more at Peter Quill so I'm going with him.

Korey: Thor

Caleb: Thor

I was so close, too. Point: Korey

14. Favorite MCU Movie


Morgan: Thor: Ragnarok

Korey: Thor: Ragnarok

Caleb: Thor: Ragnarok

Easy. Point: both

15. Favorite Soda


Morgan: Dr. Pepper

Korey: It got hard again. Dr. Pepper? I might be thinking of someone else.

Caleb: Dr. Pepper

Point: both

16. Favorite YouTube Channel


Morgan: Rooster Teeth

Korey: Rooster Teeth. The place he got his shirt from.

Caleb: Achievement Hunter or Rooster Teeth

Another easy question, he loves Rooster Teeth. Point: both

17. Favorite Comedian


Morgan: John Mulaney

Korey: John Mulaney (See commentary from question 1, but substitute "comedy.")

Caleb: John Mulaney

Point: both

18. Favorite Director


Morgan: Christopher Nolan? I don't keep up with directors and you know that so I feel sabotaged.

Korey: He told me the other day it was David Fincher. If he says a different answer I should still get partial credit because he's a liar.

Caleb: David Fincher

This is rigged. Point: Korey

19. Favorite Lord of the Rings Movie


Morgan: Fellowship of the Ring? They're all the same to me.

Korey: Return of the King

Caleb: Return of the King

Again, this is rigged. Point: Korey

20. Favorite Star Wars Movie


Morgan: Empire Strikes Back, solely because this is the only one I know the name of. (I've never watched Star Wars.)

Korey: New Hope

Caleb: New Hope

I'm telling you, it's rigged. Point: Korey.

So, the end score totals to Korey with fourteen points and me with ten. Evidently, bro-mance beat romance in this case. While I'm slightly disappointed that I was beaten (though we all know I was set up to fail by the end), I'm happy to know that Caleb has friends who know him so well. And we all know I love him the most anyway.

Overall, this was a super fun game and I highly encourage you all to play with your friends and your significant others! They might just surprise you.

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