Growing up, my sister and I were always told that we were polar opposites. She was always the daring one who was never afraid to say how she felt, while I was always more reserved and always tended to just let things go. I always admired this about her, her fearlessness and the way she went after what she wanted. When we lived under the same roof, I took for granted the fact that she was just a few footsteps away.

It didn't hit me that she was actually moving out for college until the day she left. I looked into her empty room and quickly realized that the last 14 years of us cohabitating were now just a memory. I started to feel nostalgic in her absence and I started to wish that we had done more together. Little did I know that distance would bring us so much closer. My sister is my person, and here's why:

1. She is always honest.

Sometimes you just have to hear the cold hard truth and my sister is never afraid to give it to me. I can ask her just about anything and she'll give it to me straight. If I am in the wrong, she is the first person to put me in my place. I think we all need someone to be brutally honest in our lives and for me, it's my sister. She always pushes me to be bold and to never hold back.

2. She acts as my personal therapist.

As I got older while my sister was away at school, I was able to relate more to her past issues. Whether it was boy drama or an issue with my parents, she knew exactly how to handle it. She was the only person who I felt truly understood where I was coming from. She had been through it all and she wanted me to learn from her mistakes. There are just some things that you can't really express to your friends, and my sister is my go-to for all of those needs. I feel beyond lucky to have that guidance.

3. She has my back no matter what.

No matter the situation or the audacity of the problem that I may have gotten myself into, my sister has my back. She will go to the ends of the earth for me. It doesn't really matter what I did or what happened, if I am faced with an issue she's going to be right by side. If I ended up in jail, I know she would be the first person I'd call to bail me out.

My sister is my best friend. Though we are completely different, I think that we compliment each other perfectly. There's no one I'd rather steal clothes from, get ice cream or laugh at my parents with. Since we both are in school in different parts of the state, it's hard to always see each other. But when we do, we pick up right where we left off. I am so grateful that out of everyone in the world that she is my sister, my person.