Being Single A.F. On Valentine's Day

Being Single A.F. On Valentine's Day

“The only thing in my bed tonight is some money, some chicken nuggets, and some birth control”

One night after maybe one two many dollar drinks, my friend called up her boyfriend and said these extremely related words.“The only thing in my bed tonight is some money, some chicken nuggets, and some birth control”. This got me thinking about two things: Valentine’s Day and the fact that I’m incredibly single.

Valentine’s day was cute for a hot minute in elementary school, but now I feel like the general consensus of people is that it’s overrated for sure. Here’s the deal, why wait until February to get or do cute things for your significant other? Why not just be cute all the time? With that being said, I lead you into my next point. I guess I have no right to make the rules when I am, in fact, not even in a relationship. Being single isn't that big of a deal but sometimes, like on Valentine’s Day, I really start to think about it.

However, I’m not about to start on some emo rant about my tragic life of being alone. Because let’s be real, there are some serious perks to being alone on Valentine’s Day. The biggest one is you don't have to get dressed up and go out. I’m sure some people will only Netflix and chill (obviously a wonderful heartfelt sentiment) but you get the point. Instead, take off your bra, get some food, and curl up on your bed and watch that Netflix series you’ve been wanting to dive into since last year. If you're single on Valentine’s Day, it can also double as a great personal day. Love yourself and dig into that pint of ice-cream. I mean Aquamarine said it best when she said “the only men I need in my life are Ben and Jerry”. So whether your bed is full of chicken nuggets this valentines day or your person, I hope it’s a great one.

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11 Struggles When You're One Of The Curly-Haired Girls

It isn't easy being curly.

1. When someone asks: "Can I touch your hair?"

The answer is no. The answer has always been no, and the answer will always be no. I appreciate your interest in my hair, but please admire my curls from afar.

2. When you're fair-skinned and people ask you if your curls are natural.

You do know that hair texture is not related to skin color, right? And while you're at it, no I don't spend hours in front of the mirror every morning curling my hair.

3. The glorious moment when you unveil a freshly washed mane.

Day one curls are unbeatable. Have you ever just looked at something and knew it was the definition of perfection? That's how I feel when I look at my day one curls in the mirror.

4. Or the betrayal you feel when you unveil your freshly washed hair and it looks absolutely nothing like it should.

How could you do this to me? I spent over an hour washing, conditioning, detangling, moisturizing and styling you, and this is how you repay me? I need some space. Better yet, I need to put you in a bun so you can think about your actions.

5. The pain and devastation you feel when you lose your last bobby pin in your hair.

Now I have to wait until wash day to see if I can find it again.

6. You only brush your hair if you want to look like Diana Ross during the 1980s

When I brush my hair when it's dry, I look like a used cotton ball. If volumized hair is your jam, then by all means, brush away.

7. How it feels when humidity assaults your curl pattern.

I really hate when I spend a lot of time defining and perfecting my curls just for them to frizz up as soon as I walk outside. I can't see through my hair, I can't hear because my ears are hidden beneath my hair and all I can smell is the anti-frizz styling product in my hair that failed me. I am a human worthy of pretty hair, not a chia pet.

8. The way people treat you when you straighten your hair.

What got me through the two hours of straightening was the expectation of compliments I would receive the next day. But let's get one thing straight- I was a princess when my hair is curly, and I am also a princess when my hair is straight.

9. The amount of money you spend on hair products is embarrassing.

You are the girl on the left and your hair is the girl on the right. Not to mention the fact that we use 3 times as much conditioner than shampoo. We should make a petition to get companies who sell curly haired products to lower their prices. I use far too much and the products never last a long time.

10. The cringeworthiness of your S.O trying to lovingly run their hands through their hair.

This could go wrong in so many ways. If their hand gets stuck, that's embarrassing. If they successfully run their fingers through your hair, your curl pattern is broken up beyond repair. What if they find the bobby pin you lost in your hair last week? The cringy opportunities are endless.

11. Even though you hated your curls in middle school and tried to fry them off with a hair straightener, you wouldn't trade your curls for the world.

The journey to acceptance was hard, but I love my curls now more than ever.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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10 Fashion Fads From Past Decades That Millennial College Girls Brought Back

Some fashion crazes were just too good to let die

While many fashion choices were meant to stay in the past, some were just meant to brought back...

So get ready for a blast from the past. Here's a list of ten clothing items that were popular before many of us were even born that every college girl with style has worn at least once.

1. Body Suits

While brightly colored body suits were all the rage in the 80s, they have made a comeback in a very different way. With all different styles and colors, it's easy to throw one of these under a pair of ripped jeans and you're all set to go.

2. Flannels

The '90s were a time of grunge and punk rock, so a big flannel tied around the waist was a must. Now, a flannel worn with simple leggings is a fall must-have.

3. Doc Martens

Doc Martens and any kind of combat boots were super popular in the 90s, so it's no surprise that today they are a staple boot that any girl needs for her closet.

4. Flared Pants

What's more iconic than 70s flared bell-bottom pants? These are my personal favorite. Toss the funky patterns and go for a solid colored pair of flared pants with a short boot and you might as well go to a disco club with this outfit on.

5. Vintage Band T-shirts

Ahhh, the good old vintage band tee. Honestly, these can be the comfiest things ever and you just look super cool if you have one on. 10/10 would recommend buying one of these classics.

6. Crop Tops

Most of the time I'd think we would want to forget early 2000s fashion, however, the crop tops of that time have had a fashionable upgrade and these are super cute with some high waisted pants.

7. High Waisted Pants

Another one of my personal favorites. You just really can't go wrong with these. Not only are they comfortable, but you're less likely to have that little bit of extra fat roll over the top of your jeans. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Don't pretend that hasn't happened to you.

8. Leather & Denim Jackets

Both leather and jean jackets were popular in the past. They're now a stylish way to look cute when that chilly fall air hits.

9. Ripped Mom Jeans

The "mom jeans" of the 80s and 90s can stay in that decade but cut a few holes in them and all of a sudden you got a new fashion craze.

10. Mini Skirts

The mini skirt of the 60s inspired the mini skirt of today's age. High waisted zipper mini skirts are perfect to go out in, plus the checkered pattern is essential if you want to make a bold statement.

You might've thought these clothing items were gonna stay in the past, but sometimes old things just need a new twist to make them worthy of bringing back.

Cover Image Credit: Pixnio

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