One night after maybe one two many dollar drinks, my friend called up her boyfriend and said these extremely related words.“The only thing in my bed tonight is some money, some chicken nuggets, and some birth control”. This got me thinking about two things: Valentine’s Day and the fact that I’m incredibly single.

Valentine’s day was cute for a hot minute in elementary school, but now I feel like the general consensus of people is that it’s overrated for sure. Here’s the deal, why wait until February to get or do cute things for your significant other? Why not just be cute all the time? With that being said, I lead you into my next point. I guess I have no right to make the rules when I am, in fact, not even in a relationship. Being single isn't that big of a deal but sometimes, like on Valentine’s Day, I really start to think about it.

However, I’m not about to start on some emo rant about my tragic life of being alone. Because let’s be real, there are some serious perks to being alone on Valentine’s Day. The biggest one is you don't have to get dressed up and go out. I’m sure some people will only Netflix and chill (obviously a wonderful heartfelt sentiment) but you get the point. Instead, take off your bra, get some food, and curl up on your bed and watch that Netflix series you’ve been wanting to dive into since last year. If you're single on Valentine’s Day, it can also double as a great personal day. Love yourself and dig into that pint of ice-cream. I mean Aquamarine said it best when she said “the only men I need in my life are Ben and Jerry”. So whether your bed is full of chicken nuggets this valentines day or your person, I hope it’s a great one.