Even if you are genuinely happy with how you're living, we are all looking for ways to improve our lives. This can be mentally, physically, or emotionally. Being in college helps you figure out a lot of Dos and Donts of this world and here are some of the big ones I've learned:


Your body: "Water! Give me water!" Your brain: "What'd you say? You want iced coffee.." Okay, I love iced coffee as much as the next person but drinking water is one of the simplest yet most effective changes you can make to your daily routine. It can improve your skin, sleep patterns, health and weight, energy and emotions! It probably can do way more but no one has time to research that. Just drink it and see what happens!

2. Meal Prep

No, I'm not talking about making enough rice and chicken for 10 days straight and following some strict diet plan. You can meal prep mac and cheese if you want. But if you set aside time each week to prep the majority of your meals you'll be surprised about all the added benefits. You won't end up being late to school or work because you're making your lunch, (hopefully) you won't eat junk food because you'll have an actual meal prepared, and you'll save money because you won't go out to eat as often! Who doesn't love saving money?

3. Clean your sheets!

It is very important to clean your bed sheets on a regular basis(weekly). Getting in the habit of this can improve your life more than you think. SO many germs live in your bed and regularly cleaning where you sleep can increase your immune system and help you not get sick! Choosing a day like Friday, Sunday, or Monday and sticking to it will help you get in the routine of refreshing your mind at the end/beginning of the week. Not to mention clean sheets just feel really freaking good.

4. Take the stairs

If you work on the 9th floor of your building, it's okay if you skip this one. But taking the stairs up and down on your way somewhere is great way to improve your health with out making a drastic change. Plus we all love seeing our step count go up!

5. Smile at people!

If you're walking in a hallway or down the street, it is OKAY to make eye contact and smile at people! It makes people feel really good and it can make you feel good in return. If you're grocery shopping at Target, talk to the person behind the register and treat them like a human! You never know what kind of day someone is having and a smile can go a long way!

6. Spend time outside

Fresh air is good for the soul! It is also good for many other things! Try doing your homework outside, taking your lunch break outside, or going on a short walk at the end of the day. Of course you want to make sure you're getting that Vitamin D even when it's not summer! But you can also just improve your overall health and wellness. You can increase your energy, decrease stress, spark creativity, increase self-esteem, and improve your mood!

7. Find an ear to yell at

Instead of a shoulder to cry on, find an ear to yell at. This can be a significant other, family member, or friend. Their job is to listen and listen only. They are not allowed to make judgements or give advice. They are there to hear what you have to say, show you that you are being heard, and make you feel like your feelings are valid. You can talk (or yell) at this person and get all of your frustration and stress out! I promise, it really works!

I'm not an expert and I can't promise that every item on this list will work for you. But life is short so it's worth a shot! Good luck!