Taylor Swift and Hillary Clinton may have reached the pinnacle of unreliability.

Some people find it difficult to connect to Swift and Clinton because both women are leading a drastically different life than most. It is crucial to note that there are other people who are able to find a connection to these two women because of their body of work or treatment in the society

Both are feminist icons, but have been criticized for neglecting to support certain issues.

There is no denying that Swift and Clinton are feminist icons. Their feminist stance have, however, come into question, time and again. Taylor Swift, for instance, has been most recently criticized for posting a tweet of support, but not participating on the Women’s March of January 21st.

Taylor Swift and Hillary Clinton are considered to be untrustworthy by some.

A major concern during the 2016 Presidential Election was whether Hillary Clinton was a trustworthy candidate or not. Swift became an untrustworthy character in the eyes of some people when an audio of her speaking to Kanye about “Famous” was released by Kim Kardashian.

Both have publicly disputed with men who are recognized for their controversial rants and stunts.

Taylor Swift’s and Hillary Clinton’s love life unfolded before the eyes of the public.

Perhaps this is not the finest comparison, but we have partially witnessed the unfolding of these two women’s love life. We saw the spark in Swift’s eye and then heard the catchy song of her relationship’s eventual downfall. Clinton is not a lyricist, but we have caught glimpses of certain moments in her lasting marriage with Bill Clinton.

Taylor Swift and Hillary Clinton have both put much effort into building and shaping their career.

Neither women took much time off from their career. Swift is on a public break as musician, but has been doing work behind the scenes to continue building her career. Furthermore, the break after the loss of Clinton's presidency has been the longest that she has taken.

Both have posed for a picture with their knees up.