SIM Only vs Phone Contract: What Should I Choose?

SIM Only vs Phone Contract: What Should I Choose?

There is a wide variety of phones for you to choose from the fantastic brands available in the market.


This includes LG, Window, Nokia, Samsung and Apple, which means that you are sure to find a mobile phone that meets your preferences and tastes. However, the only available options for owning a mobile phone are a SIM-only deal and a contract.

SIM-only Contracts - Choose the handset you prefer, and buy the phone outright. Then, you will have to pay a package for only the data, texts and minutes you want.

Mobile Phone Contracts - Pick your desired handset plus the term of the contract. You will make instalments over a certain period (which is fixed) to pay off the phone's cost, whilst having data, texts and minutes included in the package.

Types of SIM-only Deals

1) Pay As You Go (PAYG) SIM-only Contracts

• You will not be tied in a fixed term.
• You will only pay for the data, texts and minutes you use.

2) Pay Monthly SIM-only Contracts

• Available on all types of SIMs
• You will pay for the contract every month, and you must pass a credit score.
• Typically, contracts are over a period of one to two years.
• Choose the package that has the right level of data, texts and minutes.

What is apparent in the mobile phone industry, however, is that customers are paying more than they should on a phone contract. Typically, on average, you are likely spending 92 pounds more over the contract term and staggeringly, Briton mobile user are collectively wasting 355 million pounds by opting not to renegotiate their contract after the first 24-month period.

That's crucial since the handset cost is normally incorporated into monthly payments. So, you should have paid off your handset off after two years, and after this, you would be entitled to an enormous discount on your fees. That's unless you will be picking another handset to use, and it comes with another 24-month term.

Therefore, you should always keep in mind the time your mobile phone contract will come to an end and make sure that your fees are reduced when applicable. Then, you can now switch to a SIM-only deal. There are superb, affordable packages available. Hence, when your contract has come to an end, you will only be left paying the ongoing tariff rate.

Also, once your contract comes to an end, you can sell your old mobile device, then grab another 24-month deal on any of the latest and fabulous smartphones. You can use this money on your new handset, and surprisingly you will still get a fair amount of cash for your old phone.

SIM-only vs Phone Contract

Most people tend to go for a mobile contract rather than the SIM-only deals. It is quite easy to see the reason why when you consider the outlay that's needed to afford the mobile phone. The better smartphones available on the market cost 600 pounds and above, which is a high amount needed to purchase the handset outright. Keep in mind that there are some companies that can help you with upfront handset cost if you would like to choose this option. You should shop around, there are flexible finance plans available.

With a SIM-only contract, on the other hand, you'll pay slightly less over a period of 24 months, meaning that you will save some money. Of course, you will have to weigh up whether it is better saving long term and then pay the initial lump sum. Also, with SIM-only, there is the benefit of getting a totally unlocked phone. This is ideal for people who travel a lot and need to use foreign SIM cards, avoiding extra overseas costs plus data charges.

Mobile Phone Contract Benefits

• Get a new phone every 2 years.
• Include data usage, text and minutes in your contract.
• Spread the handset cost over 24 months.

SIM-only Contract Benefits

• Pay only for texts, texts and data you use.
• Enjoy an unlocked mobile phone, suitable for any type of SIM.
• Tied into a particular network for only one month.

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