Silver vs. Gold Jewelry: Which is the Right Jewelry for You?
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Silver vs. Gold Jewelry: Which is the Right Jewelry for You?

Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry
Gold Jewelry

Jewelry is a must when getting dressed for a nice night out, a day at work, and plenty of other occasions as well. It's the perfect accessory to add to your fashion sense and show off your style. However, finding the right type of jewelry is sometimes a difficult task to complete.

This could be due to making the decision between silver vs gold jewelry, finding pieces that compliment your style, and much more. You want your entire outfit including your jewelry to look good, and this might take some time to learn. But the right kind of knowledge will help you when buying and wearing your jewelry.

Choosing to wear either silver or gold jewelry should be based on a few factors. To learn about how to wear your jewelry with an attractive style, continue reading below. Here's what you need to know!

Skin Tone and Mix-Match Myths

For quite some time, many people believed that the type of jewelry you wear should be dependent on your skin tone. It was once thought that those with cooler skin tones should wear silver jewelry and those with warmer skin tones should wear gold. This was based on how people thought the colors of the jewelry blend with different skin tones.

However, there this rule is not set in stone anywhere and any person of any skin tone can wear either silver or gold. Skin tone should not be a deciding factor when choosing the right kind of metal for you. Both metals look great on everyone!

Another myth is that you're not supposed to wear silver and gold together. For example, if you have on gold earrings, you should match it with a gold necklace and other gold jewelry pieces. Feel free to mix match your silver and gold jewelry as you please!

Just take some time to try different pieces together to see what looks good and what doesn't.

The Makeup Approach

If wearing makeup, keep in mind that there are a few tricks on matching your jewelry with your makeup. Makeup with warm colors will flow well with gold jewelry pieces. If you're stuck on the rule that you can't wear gold unless you have a warm skin tone, then this is one way to go around it.

Choose eye shadow colors that are warm-toned and lip colors that have warm tones as well such as red or orange. Cooler shades of makeup and lipstick will work well with silver jewelry. For your lips, choose colors like lavender or nude.

Matching With Your Outfit

The outfit you wear also has an impact on the type of jewelry to wear. Again, keep the warm and cool tone rule in mind when choosing which is best. Silver jewelry pieces are going to look best with outfits that have cooler colors.

Any outfit with more icy tones should be paired with a stunning silver ring, silver hoop earrings, and any other silver jewelry pieces that you might have. Gold jewelry is going to look best with outfits that show earthy tones. Choose a gold necklace and other gold statement pieces to rock with your earthy tone outfits.

Considering Cost and Durability

When selecting which type of jewelry to purchase, you'll want to consider cost and durability. If cost is a factor, then you'll want to consider purchasing silver over gold. Gold jewelry is normally more expensive than silver jewelry is.

This is because gold is more durable and rarer than silver is. Sterling silver can fade and tarnish over time. This is something that'll happen with silver over time no matter how well you take care of it.

If you wear it often enough and get your use out of it, the metal will become dull after some years. Because of this, gold is more expensive. When taken well care of, gold will last much longer than silver will.

Gold won't scratch as easily as silver will, and it'll never tarnish. However, don't let this information fool you about silver. Silver is a highly-durable metal that is great for every-day wear.

Gold is just a bit more durable than silver, but silver is also less expensive. If cost and durability are a big factor for you, then this information should help you make a decision.

General Maintenance

No matter if you choose to purchase and wear silver or gold jewelry, general maintenance is needed for both metals. But because silver will tarnish over the years, as mentioned above, you'll need to polish it a bit more frequently than you do your gold jewelry.

For your silver pieces, use a soft cloth and professional silver cleaner to remove the tarnish. When caring for your gold jewelry, use a soft cloth and warm soapy water to clean and polish it well. A jewelry cloth is a great way to remove any dirt or buildup on your silver or gold pieces.

Using a jewelry cloth is your best bet at cleaning your jewelry carefully without leaving any scratches.

Silver vs Gold Jewelry: Which Is Your Style?

Do you know how to choose between silver vs gold jewelry? Keep these tips in mind when purchasing your jewelry or when selecting what kinds of jewelry to wear with your outfit or makeup choices. And at the end of the day, keep your own personal preferences and style in mind.

Think about what you like best and go with it!

For more helpful posts, be sure to visit us frequently!

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