Relationships are hard, but they can evolve into toxicity. Ahead are some signs to watch out for in your relationships!

1. The "guilt trip"

Did he tell you a really sad story about his life way too early on? Does he use this story as an excuse for his BAD behavior? Does he hint that he's "damaged" whenever you catch him treating you poorly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are dealing with a manipulator. A REAL man would NEVER use his bad life experiences for any other reason than to just simply open up to you.

2. The "blame game"

Does he blame you for EVERYTHING? If he knows that he is wrong but is still blaming you for his actions, then leave him. Run and don't look back!

3. "I'm sorry!"

Two words... Seven letters... If he says it too much, he could be TOXIC! You shouldn't have to apologize for everything you do! Overall, it's your life. If he doesn't like that you have your own thoughts, opinions, hobbies, and interests, then he isn't the one.

4. Narcissism

He's easy on the eyes, charming, self-centered, and it's always about HIM! Last time I checked, a relationship should be 50/50! If he NEVER puts you first, you deserve better than him.. Just remember that you have the power to find someone who treats you how you want to be treated. Don't settle for less (AKA: him)!

5. Ghosting

Modern-day ignoring is called ghosting. If he isn't texting, calling, snapping, DMing, and he just isn't talking to you, he doesn't care. It takes two seconds to send someone a text. He is manipulative and is intentionally trying to play mind games with you... It's all about him having control. Well, take that control back and leave him!

6. Red flags

Early on, if you notice that he's shady, has a bad reputation, and not holding up to your standards, these are all red flags! You have doubt for a reason, so follow your gut feeling. You will be okay!

Acceptance is the hardest part—accepting that the fantasy you created isn't reality. You wanted him to fight for you, to change for you, and to care for you, but he never will. You can't change someone who doesn't want to change for themselves. He doesn't want to see you on your terms because he wants to do his own thing.

He doesn't even care that you're reading this, probably hoping that he will change. I hope this gives you the courage and strength to see your own self-worth and accept that you DO deserve better.