20 Signs Your Phone Is Taking Over Your Life

These days people’s entire lives are on their phones. From their credit card and health information, to your favorite games and social media apps. When I walk to class in the morning, I typically see 95 percent of people walking on their cell phones (I’m guilty of this as well). We zone out of conversations to check our phones, and struggle to stay focused on work because Instagram is way more interesting. It’s become so bad that phone addiction is a real diagnosis, and you can actually go for treatment. These little devices have seemingly taken over our lives. As much as you want to deny it and may not admit it, we’re all guilty of some of these things.

1. You can’t complete any work without looking at your phone every 10 minutes.

2. You text your friends more than you talk to them.

3. People can talk to you and you have no idea what they said because you’re on your phone.

4. You feel anxious when you it’s not in your sight.

5. You can’t pay attention in class because you’re focused on all the notifications you’re missing.

6. You frequently get caught texting in class.

7. You sleep with your phone in your bed (so you can feel if you get any texts).

8. You can’t imagine going even a day without it.

9. You always text and walk (and frequently walk into things).

10. You carry a charger with you at all times (God forbid it dies).

11. You must take a picture of everything you do (so you can gram it later).

12. Not to mention you look forward to events just because they’re a great Insta opportunity.

13. You have an app for literally everything.

14. In your free time, you check all social media possible and then recheck it.

15. You never miss a text message, and if you do it’s definitely intentional.

16. Your friends all have a collection of ugly snapchats of you because you send at least 25 a day.

17. People who don’t have iPhones in group chats are the bane of your existence.

18. New Apple releases are the highlight of your whole month.

19. People get angry with you for being on your phone so much, and you tend to just shrug them off.

20. You have considered the fact you may have a problem, but you make zero effort to be any better.

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