15 Signs You Grew Up In Atlantic County

We all love our hometown just as much as any other person on the planet. Wherever that may be, you know and love it for each and every aspect it entails. I grew up in the best place on Earth...South Jersey. But, not only was it South Jersey, it was Atlantic County. If you grew up here, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Here are some signs you grew up in Atlantic County, NJ:

  1. You never say going “down the shore.”

  2. Manco and Manco’s will always be Mac and Manco’s.

  3. You go into serious depression when you lose your tan from the summer.

  4. Storybook land was your childhood happy place.

  5. Your favorite, and most likely first landmark to visit is Lucy the elephant.

  6. You are a die-hard Eagles fan.

  7. Atlantic City is more often a place of employment than a means of entertainment.

  8. For as long as you live, you will never be able to move away from the beach.

  9. Custard Hut is the best ice cream place for miles.

  10. The Ocean City boardwalk was the first place you had a kiss.

  11. And now the Ocean City Boardwalk is overrated.

  12. Beach concerts only mean lots of shoobies.

  13. Speaking of…you know, and frequently use, the word “Shoobie.”

  14. We have the best bagels in the entire state.

  15. Everyone you meet is constantly positive...well why wouldn’t we be? We’re from the best place on the planet.
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