Relationships don't necessarily have to crash in order to burn out. Sometimes, no one has to be necessarily at fault in order to cause a breakup. No massive fights or serious problems need to be used as ammunition. But, in most cases, breaking up is the right thing to do when these cracks start to show.

1. Their little quirks you used to love are driving you crazy.

Those cute things they do aren't so cute anymore. Now those little habits get on your nerves and foster some deep resentment.

2. You don't really like spending time with them anymore.

You used to be thrilled every time you got a text or call saying they wanted to hang out. Now, you'd rather spend your time doing something else. And when you're with them, it feels like a chore.

3. You no longer make each other a priority.

They're no longer your priority, and you're no longer theirs.

4. The physical aspect of the relationship is gone.

It's normal for the physical component of the relationship to slow down as a relationship progresses. There are certainly ways to revive a dead sex life. But when the sex completely burns out and neither of you really even want to get physical with each other anymore, it might be an indication of deeper problems in the relationship.

5. You fight about everything.

Every little thing turns into an explosive fight or just something to bicker about, and it all feels unsolvable.

6. You're looking for other options.

You might be flirting a little with someone else, or you might be wondering what it would be like to be with someone else. Whether or not this temptation extends beyond your imagination and into action, the thought is there: that you'd rather be with someone else.

7. You don't feel like they support you anymore.

It used to be you and them against the world, but now it seems like they're against you.

8. You're waiting for them to change.

There's something about them that you want them to change. You want them to change their mind about their future goals, change their attitude, or fix emotional issues, but you might have to accept that that's the way that they are. You're not like that, and you shouldn't be willing to accept that.

9. You're only staying because you're afraid to be alone.

You've gotten so used to being in this relationship that you're scared to be without it, even if you're not really into it anymore. It's a convenience to be together, not love.

10. The butterflies are gone.

Simply put: you just don't feel it anymore.