Summer feels like the escape from the hectic shuffle that is the last few weeks of school... until the end of August hits. For most college students, we finish school in beginning-mid-May, leaving the next three and a half months wide open. Filling that available time means working, sleeping, going back to work, and in between, trying to manage a social life with your friends and family from home.

As fun as it is to get away from classes and deadlines for the summer, soon enough we're all itching to go back for one reason or another.

1. You're running out of things to do.

There's only so much Netflix and YouTube to go around before it starts to feel like you've watched everything at least twice. If you're getting so desperate that you're downloading random apps to keep you occupied or hitting up people you haven't talked to in years to hang out, it might be time to go back to school.

2. Work is starting to feel endless.

Is there anything else to do except work? Yeah, go to three or four classes every day, crash in between, and then scramble to find some dinner. Priceless.

3. The number of people to hang out with is slowly getting smaller.

It's hard enough to make plans when it feels like everyone is on different schedules, but once August hits it feels like your friends are dropping like flies. Special programs, early move in, last minute vacations; each one is taking yet another friend from you until you end up at Chipotle by yourself (which is fine).

4. You start questioning whether you really need this much space in the house when you can live in a dorm just fine.

Depending on your living situation, all this extra space in the house can start to feel...unnecessary. I can't be the only one who goes up and down the stairs multiple times when I forget things and then catch myself longing for the days when literally everything I needed was in one room.

5. You have a weird desire to be productive.

As stressful as school can be, doesn't it feel nice to be able to check assignments off on your to-do list? Or get rid of those deadline notifications in Canvas. When there's a lull in your summer activities and you start looking for projects to do, that means it's time to get going.

6. Looking at dorm set-ups and decorations becomes a hobby.

So what if I screenshot a bunch of super extra dorm pics and put a bunch of unnecessary dorm items in my Amazon cart? At least I'm prepared.

7. You're liking every picture on your school's Instagram.

That feeling when you miss your school so much you follow the main account and res life just to like every picture of a building you saw everyday on campus.

8. You're posting all of your Snapchat memories from the school year to your story. Every. Single. One. 

We've really hit that point in the summer when everyone I know is putting up a photo montage of their time at school followed by a black screen with the words "I'm so ready to go back." Mine's coming soon. (No it's not.)

9. The move-in date is in your calendar and a countdown has been started. 

Eagerly awaiting the arrival of your move-in packet and immediately beginning to make an itinerary for your move-in day is making it pretty obvious.

10. Everyone in your house is telling you they're ready for you to leave. 

When you hear that at the end of every little petty argument, it means that summers in college really have a way of making your whole family hate you until it's time to go back.