As my college graduation quickly approaches, I've been looking back on all of the ways my life has changed in the last several years. College helps you grow up, but the later years of college are when you really realize that you're maturing.

This can be scary, funny, and a wonderful growing experience. Mostly, you realize that you've picked up on habits that real adults have. Here are ten signs that you might be turning into a real adult.

1. You enjoy watching documentaries.

Your days of watching Friends and The Office aren't over, but when your friends start talking about the new documentary series on Netflix, you'll be more than excited to add it to your list of things to watch.

2. You tell yourself there's food at home instead of eating out.

The conversation that your parents had with you when you were younger is now a daily battle that you have with yourself.

3. The idea of leaving the house after 10 pm can be draining.

Most parties don't start until 11 p.m. at the earliest, and bars are essentially empty before that time too. It's fun when you get there, but after a full day of classes or work, sometimes you just want to stay in bed.

4. You need a lot of notice when making plans.

It's hard enough to leave the house when you have plenty of notice, but I definitely won't be going out if I only have a 20 minute warning.

5. You need coffee to function.

I drank coffee during high school, and even the first few years of college simply because I liked the taste. Once I got to senior year, it became a daily necessity, and I have a hard time getting through the day without it.

6. Trivia Night is your favorite night.

If you find a bar or restaurant that has a weekly trivia night, you and your friends will become regulars. Believe me, it's more fun than you think.

7. Your paycheck is gone in a matter of minutes.

Most of it goes to groceries, gas, and bills. If you're lucky, you'll have a little bit left for activities with friends.

8. Target is your favorite place to be!

They have everything, guys.

9. You actually have to go to the gym now.

The days of fast metabolisms and daily recreational sports are over for most of us at this point. That's okay though, because once you start going to the gym consistently, you begin to enjoy it, and sometimes even crave it on days that you can't go.

10. You have no more f*cks to give.

Want to eat a whole cake for dinner? Do it. Want to take a four hour nap? Go for it. No one will stop you. As you can afford to do it, and even if you can't, it will feel great.