In today’s world of glorified busy-ness, most of us don’t exactly get our recommended eight hours of sleep at night. So, we have turned to caffeine to get us up and keep us going through the day. Some health nuts are lucky enough to get to bed early and even energize themselves for the day with a morning yoga class and a green smoothie. However, most of us don’t have the time or motivation, and are solely dependent on coffee for our jumpstart in the morning (or afternoon or night). Here are the telltale signs that you are addicted to coffee.

1. It’s your first thought when you wake up in the morning.

As soon as you open your eyes, you cant wait to get your hands on a cup of coffee. You can basically taste it as you’re fumbling around for your glasses and making your way to the kitchen. You swear its calling your name.

2. You have “usual” orders at several coffee shops.

For each area you’re frequently in, you’ve got a favorite coffee shop and a usual order. Whether it’s at school, by your work, or near your boyfriend's house, the workers know you by name and start making your order as soon as you walk in. Is that what love feels like?

3. You don’t discriminate.

Iced, hot, dark roast, flavored, it doesn’t matter. If it’s coffee, it’s for you. Your love of the beverage overpowers any type of characteristic. You accept it for who it is.

4. Others can tell when you haven’t had it yet.

You’ve definitely said some things you regret while under the lack of caffeine influence. Thankfully, most people in your life know the attitude stems from not having had your coffee yet. The real special people in your life will even go so far as to go get you a coffee when you’re being like this. Keep them around.

5. You always want to try out new coffee shops.

Most people want to try out new hairstyles or check out new clothing stores — but not you. You’ve got a running list of new coffee places you want to try out, with potential orders in detail. And, whether you’d admit it or not, you’ve traveled a pretty far distance for a coffee before. There isn’t really a length you wouldn’t go to for your cup of Joe.

6. You have been late for things because of coffee.

On your way to class or work, you realize you have zero time to spare. But, you haven’t had coffee yet, and know it’ll be disastrous for those around you if you don’t. Some people would be a little embarrassed to walk into a class or meeting late with a freshly brewed latte in hand, but not you. The benefits of stopping for coffee outweigh the possible consequences.

7. You plan your day around when/where you can get it.

Somehow, you end up in a situation where you have no control over your acquisition of a cup of coffee. You’re not the one driving today or the place you were going to stop at was unexpectedly closed. The lack of coffee preoccupies your mind and you begin scheming as to how you’re going to get it. Maybe there’s a Starbucks in walking distance. Or maybe they have a Keurig in the break room. You stay hopeful, and don’t give up until you get the goods.

8. You will shamelessly order it at unusual times.

After dinner? Sure! From an ice cream place? Why not?! At 11pm? It’s decaf! Sometimes, you don’t care what time it is or where it’s from.

9. It’s all you ask for on any holiday.

Gift cards are always at the top of your wish list for birthdays and any other holidays you celebrate. Nothing makes you happier than seeing a shiny little card knowing you don’t have to spend actual money on coffee for a little bit.

10. You have realized what else you could spend your money on.

We’ve all had a little intervention with ourselves at one point or another. Whether it was inspired by paying for your latest coffee in quarters or the amount of empty cups in your car, you’ve seriously sat yourself down and estimated how much you spend on coffee. After coming to a horrifying conclusion, you begin to realize that there are so many other ways you could have put that money to use. But, then you quickly get over it. Love requires sacrifice.

11. You go to bed dreaming of the coffee you will have the next morning.

By bedtime, your morning (or midday) caffeine buzz has worn off and you’re already thinking about the delicious, refreshing, satisfying coffee you’re going to have when you wake up. From the time you shut your eyes to the moment you open them, it’s all that is on your mind. Then, the cycle starts all over again in the morning.

Oh, the life of a caffeine addict.