Man has been the only creature to master all continents on the planet. With it, we have harvested most of the goods that each location has to offer. These places are now divided and regulated by borders. These goods now become the nations comparative advantage-and their hope to participate in the global market. In order to achieve the ultimate level of comfort, you have to be able to trade with other countries. Sometimes, states sacrifices a fair trade in order to trade over all. Explaining why sometimes treaties are signed that often do not benefit both sides equally.

Interngovermental organizations (IGO) are signed into action through treaties. They are honored by all countries and set up a way to peacefully and lawfully interact. Intergovernmental organizations that benefit trade include the World Trade Organization and International Monetary Fund. (There even is a judiciary IGO - International Criminal Court where all individuals are judged equally. Often where world leaders go to answer for their heinous crimes against their nation or humanity.) Although IGO they are established to create a fair trade, Often there are deals made that intentionally devalue another nation.

Nations are valued by how high their Gross Domestic Product is. Nations fall among three categories- the core, semi-periphery and periphery. Often it is the core states that takes advantage of the periphery due to its inability to deny the opportunity to trade. However, sometimes IGO form that damage core states as well.

During the mid twentieth century the United States was filled with blue collared men working in factories. These men would bring home a decent pay and were able to support their family and still manage comfort. When Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition (CITAC) formed it impacted the rust belt due to its increased tariff on steel. This also affected the automobile industry in America, which was deemed " too big to fail" . With demand for steel lacking, other nations that relied on steel also struggled. They lobbied their own government to reverse the tariff imposed by the United States. Although it did not benefit the United States to impose this, it still passed due to american protectionism. The impact that this IGO had on America can still be felt with the national movement that supported Trump 2016.

There are also organizations that take away other nations sovereignty due to its participation. Nationalists would argue that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) exploits the United States and puts it in a position that it must participate in order for other countries to benefit as well. While at the same time forgetting that we use NAFTA to successfully exploit people in Maquiladoras on the Mexican border. This trade is beneficial to the United States while leaving behind toxic waste and dangerous factories for Mexico. Besides avocados, Mexico offers cheap labor that makes them a target for exploitation. In this sense Mexico needs to cooperate in order to trade more efficiently, while at the same time just being a pawn in the deal.

Another IGO that impacts everyone is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) due to their ability to control oil worldwide. This organization sets aside the prices of barrels in order to have a non competitive system. This organization exploits nations because of its ability to sway governments. Sure, in the United States before November 8th when gas prices would rise public opinion on the president would be negative. Thanks Obama. However, in other parts of the world the price of gas matters. Gas determines if your home will be warm that night, if you can transport yourself from one point to another and over all it determines power. In the United States, Native Americans are losing their sacred grounds to the Dakota Pipelines. While Ukraine lost sovereignty (Xenakis) of Crimea for the riches of Oil. When Russia "invaded" Crimea they claimed they were just taking back their land, however they were after the accessibility of oil and the benefits it brings. When Russia gained that territory they did it with the intentions of being able to place pipelines and increase the nations welfare. The United Nations did not react nor demand for the sovereignty of Ukraine to be respected. By not acknowledging the crisis, an IGO failed the citizens of Crimea.

A states sovereignty is taken away when they cannot gain control over their country. When a deal is made that exploits a weaker nation it belittles its value and the worth of the people. Interngovermental organization are set in place to even out the playing ground among different nations. Often they do not fully comply and benefit nations as they intended. Their influences on government in decision- such as what to disregard and where to cultivate. The loss that nations face can be felt politically, economically and alter the life styles that their people live.