While I agree with that summary of the word, I do feel it is missing something. Not everyone has the same standards of success, and we shouldn't allow our standard of success to be compared to another. For a young adult, it could be the first apartment that you can afford on your very own. For someone else, it could be a big house in the Hollywood Hills. Success can be a matter of opinion.

Success, like us, grows, especially when we feed it. When you're young all you want to do is be able to tie your shoes and ride a bike, and once we successfully accomplish that, we are on to bigger and brighter opportunities for advancement. Soon enough, we are curing medical diseases and being brave enough to follow our dreams.

Every year I am awarded a shiny black plaque to recognize that years success. Each year has a number on it and that is a number I successfully met. Every year I am presented with a new idea of success, a new opportunity to beat my own personal record. Sometimes, the most important kind of success is the chance to better yourself and that has absolutely nothing to do with anyone but you.

Over the years, I have not always increased that number. That doesn't make me a failure, that makes me motivated. Sitting on my desk are reminders that I can do it, quite simply because I have done it before. Awards, trophies, and recognition do not define your success. You do not need them to be successful, and not all successful people have them displayed.

Success can be celebrated in longevity. For me, six years of being with the same company means more than the seven awards I have been presented. You can buy a lot of things in the world, you can even buy success for the right amount, but time is priceless.

Your goals deserve to have effort put towards them. You deserve to be your idea of success and you have all the potential to make that a reality. Some of the most successful people started from the bottom, there's no reason why you can't start from where you are now.