I recently came crashing down with pink eye, a head cold, and a severe ear infection, all in one week. It has been the worst week ever and here is why:

1. Your shoe box of a dorm room is a Petri dish of nastiness, just waiting to reinfect you.

2. Going to class and sitting through a lecture is unbelievably hard when you cannot breathe and your eyes are swollen.

3. Trying to do assignments is even worse.

4. Going to the doctor without a parent (even though you are fully capable of doing so) is scary and there is SO MUCH paperwork.

5. Your friends stay at least 5 feet away from you at all times but all you want is some love

6. Getting ready, going out, and acting like you are having a good time is torture, but you wouldn’t dare to miss that party.

7. All you want is your mommy to come coddle you and tell you that you will be okay.

Luckily, with the help of antibiotics, probiotics, and soup, I should be back to normal next week (fingers crossed).