19 Shows For The Person Who Loves All Things Criminal

19 Shows For The Person Who Loves All Things Criminal

Caution: Watching Criminal Minds at night makes you super paranoid.


We all know someone who is obsessed with crime TV shows or movies; and if you don't know someone like that then you probably are that person. There's something absolutely fascinating about seeing the inner workings of law enforcement or of the criminals themselves. Lucky for us, between Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and tons of other sites, we can feed our crime show addiction. If you're looking for a new show to keep you up at night this winter break, try one of these:

1. Bones


3. Criminal Minds

4. Quantico

5. Law & Order: SVU

6. Graceland

7. White Collar

8. Blue Bloods

9. Homeland

10. Prison Break

11. Big Little Lies

12. Making a Murderer

13. Dexter

14. Narcos

15. Breaking Bad

16. American Crime

17. SEAL Team

18. Sherlock

19. How to Get Away With Murder

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