Shows That Deserved Another Season

I can't even begin to count the number of times I've started a show which I eventually became addicted to only for it to end in a disappointing manner. And it's worse for shows that only got one or two seasons, leaving the rest of the story unfinished and with fans left to speculate what became of their favorite characters. And if shows like "Arrested Development" and "Prison Break" can get reboots, then maybe, just maybe, so can a few on this list. You might not love them, and you might even be happy they got canceled, but here's my list of television shows that truly deserved another season.

1. "Freaks and Geeks"

Why this show never made it past the first season is still a mystery to me. Set in the 1980s, this comedy revolves around a group of misfits at William McKinley High School. It may be too late for a reboot, but it was so good while it lasted.

2. "The Newsroom"

"The Newsroom" follows the employees of a popular news network, focusing on both their professional lives and the toll that their jobs have on their personal lives and relationships. The last episode ended on a positive and hopeful note, but there was still so much potential.

3. "The Lying Game"

While "The Lying Game" wasn't super popular among all age groups, it was one of my favorite shows in middle school. I was obsessed, and rightfully so. This teen mystery/drama series revolving identical twins Sutton and Emma was canceled after two seasons, leaving fans (such as myself) stuck on a cliffhanger.

4. "Jane By Design"

Another one of my middle school obsessions was "Jane By Design," an ABC Family show that focused on teenager Jane Quimby as she struggled to manage high school with her job at an upscale fashion company. Think "The Carrie Diaries" but more modern and only lasting one short season.

5. "Agent Carter"

Marvel's "Agent Carter" followed Peggy as a secret service agent working for the Strategic Scientific Reserve. She's fierce, flawless, and a total badass, but unfortunately only stayed onscreen for two seasons.

6. "The Nine Lives of Chloe King"

And here we have another ABC Family teen drama that only lasted one season. I loved, loved, loved "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" and spent several months patiently waiting for my supernatural powers to magically sprout. Left on a cliffhanger, I'm still to this day wondering if Chloe and Brian got the chance to be together.

7. "Jericho"

"Jericho" followed residents of a small Kansas town as they struggled to survive following a series of nuclear explosions across the country. The first season was addictive, and while the second season didn't quite live up to the hype, I would have loved for there to be a third season.

8. "The End of the F***ing World"

Technically, this show shouldn't be on this list, since there have been talks of a second season, but it's still a noteworthy mention. Following two teenagers as they set off on quite the journey, this show left on the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. Seriously, you have to watch it.

9. "Terra Nova"

This single-season show followed the Shannon family as they participate in a journey to prehistoric Earth in order to avoid the repercussions of overpopulation in the present. It was unique and interesting and deserved more than just one season.

10. "Firefly"

And at last, this list would be incomplete without our favorite cult classic. I know I'm not the only one hoping for another season of adventures with Mal.

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