4 Shows Making Their Return 2018

4 Shows Making Their Return 2018

A tiny list of shows that are worth a watch or two.


Everyone has that one thing that makes them obsessive to the point of insanity, Television is an indulgence that not many would claim as their obsession (possibly because it makes them sound boring), but at least it's not something that could lead to immediate death. Morbid jokes aside, this is a list of the shows that are set to return 2018 and are definite must watch for any television fanatic.

1. "Atlanta"

This multiple award winning and nominated series created by Donald Glover "Atlanta" is a program that consistently pushes the envelope of the genre. One word that could describe the series would be bold.

2. "Westworld"

This show will really get the gears in your head going. A show that follows the AI uprising that is upon us any day now is extraordinary creating a circular story that keeps viewers on their toes. One word that could describe the series is cerebral.

3. "Insecure"

An upbeat comedy out to push a lost narrative on television. This show is pristine and masterfully created a must see for anyone who wants to laugh hard af.

4. "Outlander"

What can't be said about "Outlander"? It's a drama, romance, and sci-fi all rapped up into one. This genre-bending program is a bit of an acquired taste, because of the slow pacing, but once hooked viewers become fanatics.

Now go forth and view excellent television.

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