Shower Thoughts

13 Twitter Shower Thoughts That Will Flood Your Mind With Questions

The shower really does get your gears turning.

Ever have those moments where you can feel the warm water tap at your back and make you forget that you have an upcoming exam you have to study for? Or when the warm shower fog damps out your fears and disappointments in school and life. It is in these moments that the most genius ideas hit you. They come at you so fast that it's hard to keep track of. No worries, we got some of them written down for you; maybe it'll spark a similar moment for you.

1. Clean or dirty?

Technically, doesn't that also mean that any new clothes you wear gets dirty?

2. Umm...interesting perspective?

3. What day is it really?

Who's behind it?

4. Old replaced with the new

That means literally everyone died around that time and was replaced by a younger population.

5. Honestly, they should've known better.

6. We're spicing it up here in the 21st century.

They lived a bland life. Imagine if we could travel and give them one dorito. We would be in the books!

7. You're living 80 miliseconds in the past.

8. Who was the first?

Fiiinne, Ill let you in on the was my great great great great great great great grandmother.

9. In loving memory of that burrito...

10. Is your blue the same as my blue?

Is it truly in the eyes of the beholder?

11. Someone got real creative

12. How would that work?

13. TP'ing just tool a whole new turn

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