According to the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief, as the population continues to grow exponentially, humanity is slowly but surely running out of resources. They predict that by 2050, human beings may have exhausted Earth's natural resources. To put that in perspective, I will be 51-years-old then.

Judging from the ongoing rate of consumption, experts at Oxford believe that by 2050, the population will reach nine billion people whereas the agricultural yield will almost be halved.

Not only that, humans are faced with increasing water scarcity, growing competition over land, manmade pollution, and as always, climate change.

This beckons the question of what are we going to do to survive?

Two years ago Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, proposed his plan to colonize Mars. His goal is to create Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) spaceships that will transport 1 million people to Mars within the next 50 to 100 years. The Verge reports this could cost about $200,000 per traveler.

If you think Mars is inhabitable, you might want to think again. Musk unveiled his other idea which is to warm up the planet by dropping nuclear bombs in the sky over the Martian poles. This would create tiny "suns" over the regions and turn any frozen carbon dioxide into gas. If you didn't know, CO2 is a greenhouse gas, meaning it absorbs and traps heat. The more of the gas that is in the atmosphere, the warmer the surface of Mars will become and potentially the more conducive it is to life form.

The question now becomes, "Based on the current rate humans are depleting Earth's resources, do you think we should colonize Mars and if so, would you consider moving to Mars?"

My answer is no, we should not colonize Mars. This is setting a bad example that people can create a problem, then hide from the repercussions of it. Instead, we should focus on fixing Earth and finding sustainable ways of living. In the long run, say we do successful manage to colonize Mars. Give it X years or so and the same thing happens where humans deplete all of Mar's resources.

Where are we going to run to then? Jupiter?