Should I Rent or Buy My Textbooks?

Should I Rent or Buy My Textbooks?

Are you hesitant about whether you should buy or rent your books?


You are excited to be heading off of back to college in the Fall and you got all of your school supplies, your decorations to jazz up your dorm room to make it homey but oh wait I need textbooks. This is every College Student's worst nightmare which, unfortunately, they have to go through this ordeal of buying or renting textbooks. There are so many pros and cons of this such as:

Pro: You can save money by renting the book at the cheapest price possible.

Con: You do not have much money. At the start of the semester, you already begin to dread about purchasing textbooks because you know that you will most likely drain your bank account because textbooks can cost a boat load of money.

Pro: If you know someone that has taken a class that you still have to take you can always ask them if they are willing to sell you their book for cheap. And that way you don't have to buy or rent the book for a lot of money.

Con: Some books you HAVE to buy especially if it is custom made for that particular college or institution.

Pro: If you buy a textbook it is yours which means that you can write, highlight, underline as much as you want in the book.

Con: You either buy or rent the textbook because your professor tells you to do but you only end up using the book a couple of times or never.

Pro: You can sell any book that you have bought and you can get money.

Con: If your book that you need for class and it has an access code you are most likely not going to get the access code because it has already been used if you rented the book to save money on. And you'll have to find a way to purchase just the access code with having to the buy the book too.

You can google Cheapest Textbook Rentals. But check out these websites that I found to be extremely useful:

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