Practice Self Care

In a world where everyone is constantly busy we forget to make time for ourselves. We are checking off things we need to do off our schedules and making sure everything is done properly. We pack in work, school, chores and shopping in one day because we only have so much time to get to everything that we often neglect ourselves. Everyone has felt they have not given even enough time for their body to sleep in the week and the simplest thing like taking a 15 minute break is almost impossible. It is hard when there are things you need to get done and you only have so much time to dedicate to it that you forget to take care of yourself to be successful in accomplishing those tasks. It's understandable and sometimes it just needs to be done. I've had times where I have had two hours of sleep because of deadlines and due dates that needed to be met. It happens to the best of us, but to avoid burn outs and feeling like I am neglecting my own needs, I practice self care the best I can and made time for myself.

In order to stop myself from losing my mind I have a spa day once a week specifically at night before I go to sleep. This may be instead of a quick shower I take the time to have a bath drawn, add some salts, and listen to music or enjoy a book that I have not had time to read. It's the best kind of relaxation next to a nap, in my opinion. Things like doing my nails, skin care and maybe doing a hair conditioning treatment are always key. They make me feel that I appreciate myself and I deserve to look the way I feel. Meditation is also a great way to clear your mind and help you relax when you may feel the most stressed or over worked. You do not have to go the full extent of incense and candles but just a quiet place to relax and clear your thoughts.

These are a few things that I like to do for myself to make me feel like I am taking care of my body and mind and that I don't go crazy during the week. Self care can be practiced in any way, from an hour of no electronics to enjoying a dessert because you deserved it after a long week. You can be selfish and put time for yourself to read a book or finish that series you have been putting off. There is not one thing that you have to do. Self care is geared for you and that means doing something, or even choosing to do nothing as long as it makes you feel better or prepared to take on the next obstacle. Whatever the activity may be, as long as it benefits you and helps you, do it. Practicing self care should be done often. Do not put yourself last. Realize that you are important and you need to be 100% recharged to get through your busy schedule.

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